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    Music, my band December, reading, surfing, guitars in general and Gibson Hummingbirds and Fender Teles in particular :)
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    The Unforgettable Fire (then October…)
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    With or without you
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    SECC Glasgow 1987
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    Nov 2016, Dublin
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    Earls Court, London, 2001 18/08
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    you can't have a favourite can you?
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    The Alarm, The Waterboys, Lone Justice, The Silencers, Springsteen, The Jesus and Mary Chain

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  1. So our band December did a cover of Heartland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_f0Ns1zuyI
  2. We had to push our release of Heartland due to a member of our team suffering a sudden loss on Thursday night but please Join us on YouTube at 8 pm Sunday 27th to celebrate U2’s 44th anniversary with the team from Dublin’s Welcome to the north side. https://youtu.be/OeYpVThi4t4
  3. All sounds great! We (December) have a version of Heartland coming out. Will post links once finalised. Sounds like a great weekend coming up. #thankyouU2 #U244
  4. I know that covers aren't everyone's cup of tea but just in case of any interest:
  5. Great to see Max got a great spot! Scott from December here - he was a great help to us at the fan gathering last night. Till we meet again......we need new dreams tonight ps currently listening online in Tokyo waiting for the announcement!
  6. Hey folks - my band December and I are working with some fellow fans to try to arrange a meet up on 3rd Dec in Tokyo. We've been lucky enough to do a few of these events around the world now. Although we weren't planning Tokyo we would love to make it work. We need an idea of likely numbers though to see if we can make it a reality. if you're in town and interested this is the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/801674606930254/ Hoping we can make it work and to see some of you there. Cheers.
  7. thanks for the support my friend - hoping we can make it happen!
  8. I like it when the big wave writes. Always calm in the storm. Wisdom and a bit of grace. Hope you get to travel some.
  9. Guys - if you are coming to the tour opener In Auckland we are hosting a fan event alongside the team at U2start.com on 7th. All details and tickets here. Our band December has been privileged to play at a number of these events worldwide over the last few years and we are thrilled to be heading to NZ for the first time. Hope you can join us. Can't wait. https://www.decemberband.com/events/whammy-bar-auckland-u2-fan-event-with-u2start-com And a wee link to one of our U2 covers so you can see what we are about:- [a total honour to get to pay tribute to this band]
  10. love it guys, was great to see you there.
  11. Really appreciated this this post. Says it all really. The defining record of my life too and the reason I am in a band still (!) Thanks Big Wave, hopefully see you out on the road. Scott (from December)
  12. we recorded a cover of ASOH

    1. joshthetree


      Nice cover ... like that ... thanks for the link

  13. our tribute song from Glasgow: all proceeds to Chernobyl Children International. for U2 and Ali, would love if you checked out.

  14. Guys - we're a Glasgow band and wrote a song to honour the boys and Ali. Filmed the video all over Dublin at sites you will all recognise. Was an amazing experience. We wanted to share it. All proceeds are going to Chernobyl Children International. We're trying to get it out there massively to raise money and to be a real genuine thank you to them. Ails and I have been fans since 1984 and on every tour since. London, Glasgow and Dublin this time. Hope you enjoy. Here's the youtube link: And a wordpress one which has the whole story behind the song. https://december1985...alison-stewart/ Cheers, best from Glasgow. Oh, nearly forgot the iTunes link! 79p for a truly great cause: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/alison-stewart-single/id1051033285 SCOTT
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