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  1. U2, I love you....I've traveled the world to see you. I've seen every tour since the 87 JT tour. But this time, I don't know if I can. $600 to see you from the nose bleed seats in Los Angeles? Almost $300 to sit in obstructed view behind the stage? What's happened? I love the new album, as I do all the others, and I know GA seats are $85 (but they're not seats, it's a crowded floor where bathrooms and beer are all but impossible, plus I'm not 18 anymore and like to have a seat before and after the music)...so really, $900 for a pair of tickets near the roof? Come on. 23 shows I've been
  2. I know a girl, a girl called.....

  3. Good help is hard to find. Stinks for Adam, you think you can trust someone, and they take from you!
  4. It was tough early on because the Angel Game was on and not too many places to watch it!
  5. Live at the Rose Bowl 2009
  6. The U2 flag flew high in L.A.! I think the pre-party went on too long for many because the energy lacked when the show started!
  7. This was in Trieste, Italy last year. No kidding, I SWEAR I saw Adam there walking around with his family. I wanted to approach him, but he was enjoying his privacy.
  8. Juan Les Pines, France. The skies in Southern France/Mediterranean were so big, so amazing. All those renaissance paintings you see with big puffy clouds are no exaggeration!
  9. Crested Butte, Colorado, 2008
  10. Another statue in Rome, 2008. The detail in his facial expression is so good.
  11. A fountain in Rome, 2008.
  12. A statue from the Picaso Museum in Antibes, FR, 2008
  13. Hi everybody. Thanks to U2 for all they've done, this nice site, the chance to be a part of it all, and most importantly the music that was there for me every time I needed it, my whole life it seems. Thanks guys!
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