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  1. I am one of those who can't really tell how much energy there was last night in the Tulsa arena. But what I saw on youtube, I enjoyed it a lot. I think 27 songs, most of them so intimate and full of meanings, especially for Bono, are something more than a concert. Those songs are a demonstration of friendships, and that is so very unique and special. I do really love them more than ever. But I am also one of those who missed Streets a lot. That is not just a song from The Joshua Tree. It's more than a song. Our moment of rebirth. When Streets starts, all the odds are left apart, for
  2. I just wanted to say this: if a mail for the presale differs from the subscriber's mail, it can't be an issue. I don't see a reason for Ascender to be worried.
  3. Hi. I am not very much into this. But think about it: there are thousands of people who pre ordered the CD without being registered here. How will they get their code? I am pretty sure no one can deny you your presale code.
  4. Thanks Max for your precious work. But I think there can't be any misunderstanding on this point. As stated: " THE TICKET PRESALE WINDOW AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM WILL FOLLOW U2.COM SUBSCRIBER PRESALES. FOR MORE " It's on the main page. So I will not accept any additional condition to have access to presale code. I'll stay tune, of course :-)
  5. Posted the same question to the support team and got this reply: "We're sorry to inform you that we still do not have any information on how the verified fan presale will work or when it will start, if any will be available" Not crear if "if any will be available" referers to presale or to the verified fan program. Anyway, as reported by atU2 on twitter, Terms and Conditions for subscribers don't mention the verified fan thing any more, .
  6. Shall my score get higher with a donation to (RED), for example ? (It would be coherent, wouldn't it?) Or shall I better buy the silver pendant? Second, is Larry aware of this money-making program?
  7. Hello ! 1 Dublin pitch2 collector ticket in my hands. Anyone willing to swap for a similar one for Chicago 1st or 2nd night? Thank you
  8. Good evening, I have one ticket left for Rome gig on Saturday the 15th. Ticket paid 136 euro and seat located in the image that follows. I'd like to swap it for one similar ticket of the Berlin show. Ticket's in my hands, sales order available. Thank you Silvia (Let's make the trade/sell deals on the public forum and use PM for further details)
  9. I used the presale code to buy one single ticket: did I lost it completely? Thank you
  10. The Troubles should be in the encore set for sure. Among the changes they made in this first leg, I absolutely love With or without you that follows Every breaking wave. p.s. don't touch Invisible ! :-)
  11. My dream: to see them playing in Dublin, once in a life. With many irish bands as guests. And singing Dirty Old Town with the Pogues in the end. But I am not a metal subscriber, so I hope that in case, there'll be someone over there filming the gig.
  12. Same as me! I really wish they'll play it. We are ready to dance :-)
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