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  1. The band already discussed this possibility for Vertigo, and decided against it due to the standard perfectionist approach.
  2. Music. Music. MUSIC. Music is why I like U2. I don't like U2 for the books, the prints, the T-shirts. They're all fine, but those aren't why I like U2. Physical versions of download-only releases such as The Eternal Remixes, or Ahimsa. CD, 12", or 7" - but if its a 7", you need more than just a 2 track 7" to justify the subscription fee. Maybe a 10th anniversary, CD version - or coloured vinyl variant 12" - of Wide Awake In Europe. It's the only release that many of us don't have. Secondhand prices of it are simply absurd. It'll fill a gap and still please the trainspot
  3. U2 have been playing fairly standard, non-rotating setlists since 1978. Apart from Lovetown, every tour has followed a basic format cemented early in the tour where about 85-90% of the set is the same every night.
  4. Because... http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2009/05/entitlement-issues.html
  5. There are plenty of bands that, when they tour, only play 1-3 - or even no - songs from the latest record. Even Depeche Mode are currently only play *three* songs from the new LP on their tour.
  6. A little more rotation would be spiffing. I'm overjoyed to hear ABOY is back, for example. But then again, I'd prefer they rotate Red Flag / Gloria instead of NYD ; NYD has been played on almost every tour ever, and it should have a break. Swap out Elevation / COBL for other songs. The problem is U2 have 'too many' hits, if you can have such a thing.
  7. The setlists are built around the narrative theme of the lyrics and visuals. In this show, SBS, Pride, and I Will Follow are key parts of the show in terms of the story being told. Changing some of the setlists, and adding more variety, where they have multiple shows would be great - for example, RFD, Wild Horses, etc - would be lovely, but only in songs that aren't a key part of the narrative. It is quite frustrating that they work up a new song (Zoo Station, Magnificent, Satellite Of Love, Two Hearts, Crystal Ballroom, Miracle Drug, Lucifers Hands, The Troubles) and play them about 1 show in
  8. If you think he looks old, there are some 58 year olds you should meet.
  9. You are directing your anger at the wrong place. The people who ultimately and finally signed off and agreed the process are responsible for the situation. Not fansites, nor forum Mods Also journalists (good ones at least) wait for the facts to shake out, wait until the end of the event in question, and collate information with suggestions to make sure this won't happen again.. as opposed to firing off in-the-heat-of-the-moment rants. I very much understand why you are angry, and I would be too in the circumstances, buts lets direct it to the people actually responsible.
  10. As a general thought, I predict renewed subscriptions in the US will drop dramatically in the next subscription round.
  11. This seems worse than 2005, Overall, I think the lack of information has been bad news. if the site had been open and upfront on the lottery system, we wouldn't've liked it, but we would have understood it. The band needs to take a much, MUCH harder line on resale sites : cancelling every seat and ticket on those sites, and putting the tickets up to subscribers that didn't get a ticket in individual sales : cancelling say 900 tout tickets, then selecting 450 unpicked subscribers in the Experience batch with a "you have 24 hours to buy this ticket, which no one else can buy" offer,
  12. Seeing U2 anywhere is kind of rare – especially when they tour Europe only twice a decade. Tonight, they perform a 4 song set at Cochrane Studios in central London ; their longest UK appearance in over six years, and to an invited audience of 200 or so. Having unexpectedly been awarded production tickets less than 24 hours before the show, the usual element of thinking “I'm-going-to-see-U2-in-a-bit” is absent. Instead, it's a relaxed ramble down to the studio in Central London, picking up a Lilac wristband (numbered 7), and a gentle bite to eat in a pub. Come 6.45, it's back to the theat
  13. I thought so. Still, it's weird seeing me on TV (the stripey top is a high vis jacket,really!). I wrote about it, and thanks as ever, to everyone for sorting this out. http://www.thefinalword.co.uk/content/view/1334/35/
  14. Have any of you seen any of the European shows yet? We caught 2 Turin shows and to me, it's the best U2 period on stage since "PopMart".
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