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  1. Would be great to organise a fan Meetup .. are there any tribute bands etc playing on the Thur night maybe?
  2. Going to Berlin gig on Friday .. wonder if there are any fan get togethers on the Thur night? Tribute bands etc?
  3. I'm passing messages on to the buyer who isn't a u2 member. They said thanks but that was a dearer ticket than they wanted. Thanks anyway - I'm sure your friend will find a buyer. Enjoy the gig.
  4. Looking for two tickets .. if seated need to be together .. can meet up anytime. PM me to organise. Thanks, Neil
  5. Just checked toilets on level 3 and there's a group hiding out for the Zoo.com 2022 Tour. The list is only on toilet paper but it's up to 148. Most of the cubicles are pretty full. They say drinking water, if you're not fussy, is ok but food may be a challenge.
  6. Absolutely agreed with what you've written. Controls have been put in place for good reason. Yet it is true and we all know that people have and always will queue. The residents, authority's and I imagine some fans don't want, at one end of the spectrum, a campsite and yet I expect the authority's accept that eventually some kind of queue will form. Personally - and having been there to see it - I'd take the view that a handful (I'm talking 3-5) people discretely making a list and then telling fans to leave are serving both the venue/residents, by preventing a messy queue forming early,
  7. So took a drive to Croke park to see what was going on with the queue. (You can have a look at a croke park map to see the areas I'm talking about). The entrance to Pitch 1 and 2 will be from St. Jame's Avenue/Foster's Terrace streets. There's some security around that area and there's absolutely no queue developing (if there is it's hidden away in a pub or somewhere else). Outside the Croke Park hotel on Jones' Road there's a few people collecting names and handing out numbers for Pitch 2. They're not doing Pitch 1 only Pitch 2. The lady there who's managing that list is stayin
  8. I think that stevieob is joking. I suspect that he wasn't hiding in the toilets for 3 days .. I suspect there aren't 650 people queuing in the Hairy Lemon pub. I suspect ... Perhaps the truth is that no-one knows where the queue is starting. Does anyone actually know anything real?
  9. I've pitch 1 tickets for Saturday but hard to know what to say when you hear there's 400 already in that queue. I don't know if I want to laugh or cry. Suppose it's at least good to know Even if people queue overnight Friday (If you fly in Friday or if you work) there's basically no chance of a rail. You're at best looking at a few rows out or behind red zone. As someone who's done it many times down the years I respect those who queue and earn their spot but I also Kind of feel a bit sorry if I'm honest for people flying in, starting to queue on Friday - typically that would ea
  10. Just back from Barcelona. I have to say that the U2 Valencia fan club did an amazing job with keeping the line. We were there from 6am (297-298) and we advanced in cordoned areas throughout the day. Each time you'd see several 500+ would have sneaked into the group (basically people who had jumped from an overnight-6am wait to coming at 2pm). Up until the final queue (literally beside GA door) there were perhaps 50+ people who didn't earn their place in the queue. U2 Valencia, with the support of the crowd, did a wristband by wristband re-queue lining up 1-50, 50-100 and so on unti
  11. Anyone selling a pitch 1 ticket? In Kildare Ireland but can meet in Dublin before or day of gig. Thanks, Neil (real fan btw I'm writing this in Barcelona the day before the Tuesday show and would love to see the home show).
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