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  1. Ah ah, don't worry Suee! Monica is right, my name is Elena and my birthday is on May 29th, but thanks anyway How is everybody going here?
  2. What a wonderful thread! I've lots of pictures posted both on my flickr account and here, let's see if I manage to paste them on this topic.
  3. bigwave wrote: interesting to see other sites following the lead set in this thread on tracking best prices for fans. Note that the links provided on that price tracker are all affiliate links from which that site makes commision on any purchases (and it is not made clear there where the profits made will be going to as far as I can see - maybe an oversight?) Sorry BW, I don't know how this works, how can you understand when a link is affiliate? @u2 is listing the best known places where to buy online... EDIT: oops, Matt answered right now for me, too.
  4. Right, Josh. With those prices I don't think they will sell out quickly, so better wait and see. (only 31 comments on the news in almost 24 hours... how about the others?)
  5. Ok, I've decided which AB release I'm going to buy: I'll wait until I find one at 9.90 at play.com or FNAC. Seriously, do they think their fans are that stupid, and don't know what other bands have offered before? I'm happy to see many people pissed off by this announcement!
  6. I was looking for it after hearing about the u2 cake competition... It cannot run for the contest but I think it's such a great idea XD My sister prepared it for me when I came back from London (and she's known for hating u2 )
  7. Hey, I think I know those pics! XD EDIT: ehi, I have something I can partecipate with, too! If I'm able to find the pic.
  8. I have the European one for 2010 and I think it's one of the best things you can buy (and cheaper than a t-shirt). I think they changed it every year, to put new pics in it (but they don't write where they have been taken, so...).
  9. I'm sure there's already a thread in the paid section, I'll do my part here. Buon compleanno Monica! Happy birthday to one of those people who really understood what "love and community" means Have a great day! And... there's someone waiting outside for you Ready for a ride?
  10. Another articole that confirms this thing was completely invented by the journalist who posted it!!! http://www.thedailymaveri...hat-stirred-all-the-rage I thought U2 fans were used to this kind of bashing and knew news must be controlled at least twice to be sure about it...
  11. Yeah, such sad news... Killing Bono has come to be his last film.
  12. Such a great story, Emily! And nice "whooohooh"
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