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  1. I met Adam several times and he is always so cool and patient to sign for every fan One funny moment with him happened before the final Dublin I+E gig in 2015. We were waiting at the backside of the Arena when as always he took the time to sign for each fan. When he approached us the guy next to me asked him: "Do you happen to have a guitar pick on you?" Adam replied: "No" So the guy next to me said "That is unprofessional Adam!" , causing all of us including Adam to burst in laughter But what I think characterizes Adam the most is at the gigs he always makes eye
  2. alonlo

    Barcelona 3 &4

    Photos from Barcelona gigs Oct9,10
  3. Still without a ticket for the 27th....only looking to buy a ticket at face value (any type)
  4. Still haven't found what I am looking for... So anyone with a spare for the 27th please PM me. Thanks !! Alon
  5. Luckily I have one GA ticket for the Nov 28 gig. I am travelling to Dublin for the Nov 26-29 weekend so would like to attend the Nov 27 show as well. Thanks in advance!! Alon
  6. #unforgettablegig In June 2012 I travelled to Dublin just to see Electric Burma concert and specifically Bono perform in front of a small audience at Bord Gais Energy Theatre. After the concert was finished I wandered around Hanover Quay Studios with my friend, while U2's song "Pride" was playing out loud on my phone. All of the sudden a black car stops in front of me, and who comes out? Bono!!! after some photos he walked nearby to the after show party leaving me at one of the peaks of my life, changing the gig I just saw from amazing to unforgettable.
  7. I also find it hard to believe they were not recognized....and their signatures only discovered last week. Mysterious
  8. Just as my friend Gary Paul said I think we should wait and see....the gut feeling is not too good though. Thanks Paul McGuinness for your great work and enjoy your retirement!
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    IMG 0680

    From the album: Dublin - Dec 2012

    October signed by 3 U2 members, Larry is missing
  11. alonlo

    IMG 0582

    From the album: Dublin - Dec 2012

    Bono drew me a Doodle on U22
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    IMG 3862

    From the album: Dublin - Dec 2012

    Me and Bono in Dublin, Dec 2012
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