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  1. I got the first 3 tracks yesterday. When I checked my account info today they were gone. I just checked again and the zip file was back. Only this time the 3 tracks are RFD, Angel, and Wild Horses. So I've received 6 tracks so far.
  2. I'm definitely interested for any kind of update regarding the Apollo show.
  3. SIlver And Gold and Spanish Eyes added to that set.
  4. When did these come out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDAyUJQ9r3A Denver 11/8: Unf Fire Spanish Eyes Tempe 12/20 Still Haven't Found Exit Bad Pride Christmas(Baby Please Come Home!) 40 WTH??? These are awesome!
  5. I've seen the Outtakes. I'm talking about the footage from the Denver and Tempe shows that didn't make the film.
  6. I really wish the concert footage filmed that didn't make the final cut will be released. What are the chances it will ever see the light of day?
  7. Do You Feel Loved Spanish Eyes Two Hearts Beat As One
  8. Anyone heard anything yet regarding the subscription renewal gift?
  9. Request your cds AND request extra non-cd tracks as compensation.
  10. If I'm reading this correctly, it doesn't sound like the 8 tracks are ones that are not on the CD. "On May 30th EIGHT more tracks FROM THE 22 ON THE DOUBLE CD will be available to download - and U22 will be in the mail." It sounds like they are going to be downloads of tracks that are on the CD.I hope I'm wrong.
  11. How about they take a well deserved break and during the break release the 360 tour on cd(ie Pearl Jam) to hold us fans over for awhile.
  12. I missed it as well. Was oncall this weekend with my job and had work to do. If only U2.com would offer live downloads. (HINT, HINT)
  13. I have misplaced my U2 Shop discount code. The one you get when you renew your membership. Anyone know how I would go about obtaining that? I've contacted U2.com twice now and have not heard back.
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