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  1. Does anyone know where and when would be the best bet to see the band going into AT&T Stadium for possible autographs prior to the Dallas show?
  2. Thanks for posting. This has been a terrible pre-sale experience! Wish I had seen the post earlier. Got my tix at the 100 level in Dallas but probably could have gotten closer had I known to close out my browser. I've never had this much trouble in a pre-sale. Ticketmaster SUCKS!
  3. I'm always stressed when tickets go on sale. Stressed right now the night before because prices still haven't been posted. Always feel taken advantage of by the promoters and ticket vendors but oh well, they can do just that. For the IETour I got the tickets I wanted in Denver then when we got to the arena they had switched the layout and our seats were behind the stage. We were absolutely livid and got them changed to very good seats so all was well in the end. Stressful nonetheless.
  4. Thanks for posting. Because the band's not coming to Denver I'll be going to the Dallas show with family in the area and am a little bummed that JerryWorld is the venue. I'll have to hope for seats where the sound is good. Would have preferred the Cotton Bowl, where I saw them for the Popmart tour.
  5. Rookie questions about floor/GA as I've always been in the seats above for U2. RZ tickets will be out of my price range so what could I reasonably expect if I bought GA floor tickets if I want to try to be near the stage. How far in advance do you typically have to get in line? Is there a mad rush when the doors open? Do you get crushed if you are near the stage? I'm 5'3" so I'm also wondering how well I'll be able to see with most people probably being taller than me. :-) Thanks in advance!
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