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    Appleton, wi
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    health and fitness, irish pubs and festivals, craft beer,live music/comedy, history and politics, boating, conspiracy theories, eating out (asian food) and a good steak.
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    Joshua Tree
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    Bad (Live)
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    Las Vegas - POP Tour
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    the last tour - Chicago and Las Vegas
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    Elevation in Milwaukee ( I was in the heart)
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    Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Coldplay, Gaelic Storm, The Cranberries, Oasis

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    U2 related pictures
  2. It's a great day today, 37 years as a band....pretty remarkable!! & we are lucky enough to have a new album come out in the near future!!!

  3. taken in July when she was just Miss Wisconsin....I hope she is a fan of U2!!
  4. Wish I was the one who got to use it for real !!!
  5. I know some of the pilots of the U2 spy plane and wish I knew members of the U2 band but I love these patches on my aviation jacket!
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