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  1. 61723- Hi Caz. sorry you didn't win. For me it's bedtime! Have a good day/night. And I hope all people at the Chicagoshow will have a fantastic time!
  2. I will stay here because I'm going to need you dear Zootopians! You understand and share the LOVE for U2 that is so hard to explain but it's so normal in here!
  3. 61350- Hello everyone! I'm just in to say Hi, maybe I'll be here for the Baltimore show. It's 3 am here so maybe I will make it. But I'm hoping for a live stream from Glastonbury. How I wish I was there.....
  4. 61280 Hi Achtung75! Bring the beer! I'm out of here! Time to parrrtty!
  5. 61277 I'm out for a cig (bad bad bad Johanna)
  6. 61276- Crazy counting!!! Hi Suee and Maggie! Good to see you! I'm not alone here Yeah!
  7. So sad! I can't understand this phenomen with hooligans that follow big sportsteams, to fight. All the resources the city has to spend on this idiots. I think it's very strange that they allow this in the name of sports. If it happened anywhere else in the society they would never allow those events. I also understand that most of the supporters are not responsible for this terrible violence but the hooligans are always in the spotlight because of their bad behaviour. Sorry for you Patti that has to see your city destroyed for no reason.
  8. 61236 Lucky you! I hope you will have a great time in Anaheim!!! I will follow the live thread just to get a little feeling from the shows!Suee: ONE on the tv is a good reason to stop Now it's time for some sleep. 01:10 am here! Good night!
  9. 61232 Hello Suee and Jbarnych. How are you?
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