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  1. Depending on how long you're staying, and if the weather is nice, I would recommend getting the DART to Bray, walking along the "Promenade" and going up Bray Head, do the first part of the cliff walk - it's beautiful
  2. Hi anah, I was just going to update this right now, It's not available anymore, it went to a fan here this morning - hope you find yours too!!
  3. Hi! Sadly I'm letting go of my GA for Stockholm 16th - if interested get in touch! http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/32655-1-ga-available-for-stockholm-16th-first-show/
  4. Hi, I'm sadly letting go of my GA for Stockholm 16th since I won't be able to go to Sweden But I hope to make someone very happy with this!!!! (as I would be too.............) - so if this is your face when you read this post - - please get in touch! Face value of course. Ah..... I could also trade it for a GA for Dublin 24th..... one can dream right? EDIT: ---Not available anymore---
  5. Hi, though I didn't write this topic, unfortunately I had to contact them for the same issue (can't go to Stockholm :-s), so I can help with the contacts: I wrote to supportse@axs.com and got a kind and helpful reply from Moa great stuff, maybe add some detail of who you spoke to / contact so if anyone else is on same boat they can follow
  6. Crazy last minute things ;-) So special :-) Love is a temple... Love the higher law...
  7. Hi! For those of you going to Berlin, if you can stay until november 10th, on november 9th, the night that the Berlin Wall fell 20 years ago, 33 000 people will be forming a human chain where the wall originally stood. And you can be a part of it, you just have to book your place here: http://www.mauer-mob.com Think this is gonna be very special..... overwhelming really... "For the 20th anniversary of its deconstruction we will rebuild the Berlin Wall, not from steel and concrete, but from people. To remember when Berlin became one again after decades of separations - physic
  8. ;-) Still trying to get the second... Don't know about differences between A and B, i wish i was category 1 but the other one will be ok too! :-)
  9. I know it's not sold out because i just got one ;-)))) I'm trying to get the other one now, there was only one available at the time
  10. Don't give up, refresh that page, it's not sold out
  11. Now it says temporarily not available for both category 1 and 2.....
  12. [quote name='Denbert wrote: portugirl'] Thank you.... but same red page here after doing that :-s Try Google Chrome browser - has a bit longer timeout settings. I don't have it... a lot of new erros appeared after.... and now i think it's sold out :-s (i entered and there's the red cross.......) :-(((((
  13. Thank you.... but same red page here after doing that :-s
  14. Hi! I don't think waiting would work, you have to refresh till the countdown clock appears on the red page. When it does, then wait Still no luck here :-s
  15. The only concert not seen from the floor so far
  16. Third row in the inner circle, Camp Nou, Barcelona, June 30th 2009
  17. And again Bono... as always you stop on the opposite side wherever i am... grrrr
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