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  1. Hi, I'm sadly letting go of my GA for Stockholm 16th since I won't be able to go to Sweden  :(  But I hope to make someone very happy with this!!!! (as I would be too.............) - so if this is your face when you read this post -  :D  :D  :D - please get in touch! Face value of course.


    Ah..... I could also trade it for a GA for Dublin 24th..... one can dream right? :)


    EDIT: ---Not available anymore---

  2. Hi, though I didn't write this topic, unfortunately I had to contact them for the same issue (can't go to Stockholm :-s), so I can help with the contacts: I wrote to supportse@axs.com and got a kind and helpful reply from Moa :)




    Thank you for replying Bigwave. I contacted them and it is okay.   :)

    great stuff, maybe add some detail of who you spoke to / contact so if anyone else is on same boat they can follow


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