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  1. I didnt receive an email either. And used only 1 last presale. So i assume i use same code.
  2. Thank you so much Max. Appreciate the reply.
  3. I was reading the help section. I believe we don't have to re-setup as u2 fan already setup for previous presale. Besides the fact I can't seem to be able to re-setup. Perhaps we will however receive anew code. I wish a moderator would update us.
  4. I am wondering also what the situation will be for the U2 Fan presales? Are we already registered or must we re-setup?
  5. Yes I know about the general sale. But what about U2 Fan presales? Must we re-setup? And if so how? If our profile says setup complete? Can one of the moderators give us some direction if we must re-setup or stay as is and hopefully get a another code or use same code??
  6. Does one have to re-setup again for the new presales of November 28, 2017. Or do we stay as is and wait for new email and codes. Very confusing. My profile says I am setup. But ontop it says that I must complete setup for new presales of November 28, 2017. I setup everything for 1st presale? Used up 1 of the 2 allotment. What do we do know?
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