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  1. Nope, I got nothing here - was trying for x1 RZ or GA then tried anything under $200 and I was online 30 mins prior and had had 2 computers running. Couldn't use the phone app as I am in Australia and it kept directing me back to Sydney events.
  2. I am really disgusted here. Tried for x 1 ticket for LA in both the pre-sales and general sale for RZ or GA (got up at 4am Sydney time here) and couldn't even get 1 ticket anywhere! So angry right now!
  3. I tried for 2 days for a red zone ticket for LA (GA as my 2nd choice), but was only offered expensive $1,000 packages or seats up the back in the nosebleed section. I am a Red Hill Subscriber and was going to come all the way from Australia. Not going to bother now as us long term fans who pay memberships are clearly not being looked after. Will save my thousands of dollars I would have spent on tickets, travel and accommodation elsewhere. Very disappointed!
  4. I missed out too for LA and was trying for Red Zone or GA for LA for 2 days. I am a longtime U2.com (Red Hill Group) subscriber and got nothing, but was only offered seating packages over $1,000 or nosebleed tickets. If I am coming all the way from Australia I would expect to have ticket where U2 don't look like ants on a stage. Really annoyed!
  5. I am glad to see it is not just me having problems with getting tickets - day 2 of trying and hour 7 of trying today and can't get either RedZone or GA for LA. I only need 1 ticket too! So annoyed!
  6. I have been trying today for 7 hours for either RedZone (preferred) or GA for Rosebowl. Still nothing available. Why do we pay $40/50 again??? Ridiculous and frustrating!
  7. I have been trying for at least 7 hours to get Red Zone or GA tickets for LA, but there are none. I am coming from Australia so want decent tickets after traveling all that way and don't want the $1,000 packages or nosebleed seats, but there's nothing available! Why do we pay the membership only to have non available? Very frustrating....
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