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  1. 2 minutes ago, pain_18_ said:

      Been listening to it non-stop since yesterday....... It got me out of deep sadness and made me HAPPY !!!!!!

      Thanks for valuing my opinion, that makes me happy too !!!

    Same here! It just makes me happy! I listened to that interview Bono had with Ruud and knowing the background of the story (he had a dream of losing Ali and basically realised nothing else matters) I love how he went all in with the lyrics, no holding back! I don't care that it's a love letter to his wife, so what!

    Can't wait to hear it live and dance to it like there's no tomorrow!

  2. 1 minute ago, pain_18_ said:

    Well....To tell you the truth, not yet, Amraaa but your presence in the video makes all the difference, you know....It's the thing that stayed with me the most..... :)

    oh how lovely and kind, thank you!:)

    let's wait for the whole album to come out so we can all sit down and listen to it as a whole- like you pointed out you did with SOI, i did, too, didn't leave the house for 3 days haha!

    me, i honestly loved it. i love it that it's so drum and bass heavy- just how i like it!

  3. I'm also discontented with voting system and expected it would be available in main site news thread. There's always a high probability of people cheating in any contest - I'm more surprised we can vote twice (with Facebook and Twitter account) even on ourselves LOL and glad family memebers using same IP address can cast vote.


    In one thing you are all right, "U2 czru fan" or U2 true fan prefers to be picked up by jury than chosen by popularity ratio or by a circle of friends of mutual adoration.


    If you'd like to see my collage go here: http://www.talenthouse.co...169a03855685104c78db/354



    So, we, who have a great chance of winning because people seem to be voting for us (real people i mean, no fake-account-making masses) are not ''crazy'' or ''true U2'' fans?! you might want to think about what you're saying, you and the rest who share that opinion, interestingly, after they didn't get many votes, and started to complain!! we'd all love to be picked by Anton, but there's  people's choice for a reason. 

    I can honestly say that i will never again enter a competition such as this. I'm done. best of luck to everyone.


  4. Don't blame the contest, it's not the contest's fault. The contest is awesome. I am very happy they did it. It's the people lying, cheating, stealing, stepping on others, and being downright nasty that are ruining this and Talenthouse for not properly organizing their site so a fair contest can be cast, and doing from what I can see, absolutely nothing about all the bullshit going on.

    All this back stabbing, lying, cheating, and stealing is all for what? One "people's choice" spot. ONE spot, not all. 15 out of the 16 finalists will be selected by Shaughn and Anton. I for one am choosing to ignore all the bullshit & have faith in them that they will select some good & original photos/graphics/artwork for the finalist positions. 

    Dang it, and here I told myself I'd stop looking in this thread. Peace out ya'll, have fun, and remember don't let the bastards grind you down! :D
    i am so done with talenthouse after this..frown.gif
  5. let's see if i manage to post anything here...

    it's very frustrating looking how my my 640 well deserved votes from the people who actually lke my work, are going down the drain thanks to someone who thinks they're smarter than me, creating fake profiles and voting for themselves...it's tragic, but i can't fight it...

    i'm very tired.frown.gif
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