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  1. Yeah, pondering that one myself. Ideally, I'd try for two for Saturday in Dublin and hope for a further pre-sale for a second night.
  2. Was at the second night and enjoyed it as ever. Similar set list to Glasgow 2, which I was also at but good to get Out of Control. Delighted to get Bad/40 again too. Was glad to be able to take in more of the show this time, as I was a lot more sober than in Glasgow... Invisible is a real highlight. A grower of a song - one of their best for a while - but very well done live with the screen interaction. Plus I love Larry's little wave to the crowd behind him towards the end of the song. Good to notice things like these a second time around - Bono's little "there is not them...ther
  3. Very fair point. I suppose being so close to Christmas doesn't help either. I wonder maybe also did people maybe just assume it would sell out and not even bother trying for tickets? But, yeah, prices are a bit high - especially for a small catchment area around Belfast. Putting on the same show in London or other big cites as they have isn't a problem because there's going to be a percentage of people who can afford to go and naturally that percentage translates into thousands in a major city but not so much in Belfast and the greater area.
  4. Interesting article: http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/ontherecord/ It is a little strange. There does seem to be a reasonable degree of spare tickets available even on the various forums plus a distinct lack of any real buzz about the city about these gigs.
  5. Sounds like a great show. But that was just the warm-up, eh...? Looking forward to tonight. Hoping for Out of Control in the No. 2 slot...
  6. I'd imagine so. We had enough space to sit on the floor for most of the lead-in to show time in Glasgow.
  7. Don't think you can go too far wrong no matter where you are. We stood at the E Stage end in Glasgow but at the very perimeter of the standing area and it was great. We got the kind of view you'd have to wait all day for at an outdoor gig and were able to comfortably have our drinks, jump around if we wanted and we didn't get squashed, separated or have any hassle. Well, until close to the end when the stewards decided to force everyone closer to the stage and leave room behind us. We only realised this was for Bono walking off behind us after he'd passed....! Darn....!
  8. zoocelt

    Belfast 2

    I have a spare standing ticket for 19 November. Available at cost price obviously. PM if interested.
  9. Amazing show. No surprise to see so many people hail it as best of tour. Just a great vibe and great venue - everyone up for it and thoroughly enjoying a band in its prime. What a show! To get Gloria, October, Bad and 40 was incredible. "Shine like stars...." was the cherry on the cake. The party atmosphere just cranked up with Desire, Angel, MW and EBTTRR. Incredible. Can they top this in Belfast and Dublin? Gonna be fun seeing them try....!
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