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  1. here it isn't open to buy yet... can you share you link?
  2. Does anyone know if e-tickets are available for download right after the purchase? I'm interested in the Sunday concert.
  3. I've done the swap already, thank you all
  4. I've managed the swap already, thank you all
  5. Hi guys, I have 2 GA pitch 1 collector ticket for Dublin and I'd like to swap for 2 GA or middle/lower seats for London. Anyone? Cheers
  6. Hello there, Where are your seats? Would you be interested in 2 GA for Dublin?
  7. Hi, I have GA tickets for Dublin Croke Park and I'd like to trade to London concert. Would you be interested or only RZ?
  8. Hi guys, I have 2 GA pitch 1 collector tickets for Dublin concert and I'd like to switch to 2 London tickets, preferable in good seats on Saturday. Anyone interested? Cheers, Mariana
  9. Anyone OUTSIDE EUROPE has received yet?
  10. I´d guess the last ids are for the "Special shows being planned for Dublin for the end of next year" ... Hope so! ??? ID 45561375 ??? ID 45561377 ??? ID 45561379 ??? ID 45561380 ??? ID 45561381
  11. I hope they don´t add any dates before that one and the openning night is on May 14th! Got a GA ticket
  12. Any ideas for the RZ price?
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