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  1. There have been common aspects surfacing from talk about the yet-to-be-annouced tour. The band have teased us a lot, but within those tidbits are valuable clues. Then, when looking at historical tour facts, it begins to come into focus. As we accept the residency approach that the band has spoken of, the guessing begins about which cities will be represented. Seven seems to be an acceptable number, considering a 61 day window in May + June. If the band plays 3.5 shows each week, there could be a total show count of around 28. Fact: On the first leg of the Vertigo Tour, U2 played 28 shows in 14 cities over a 61 day period. Hey, we have a new word definition - residency / noun / 1 a residential post held by U2; derived by cutting the tour stops in half. Starting with the Joshua Tree Tour, the band has begun every tour in the U.S. except for U2360. So the current consensus that the 1st leg will be North America is more logical than delaying until after summer of '15. But again, what cities are we talking about? Boston and Vancouver are both realistic places to begin the tour, but who is to say a Vancouver stop is still in the cards? Perhaps it could be replaced by Seattle or San Francisco. West to east, or east to west? That is the logistical question. With Toronto specifically mentioned by a reliable source, perhaps the whole thing starts there. Fact: U2 have never begun a tour in New York or Los Angeles. If we simulate the target markets of U2 and Live Nation, it's not difficult to go along with NY; Miami; LA; Chicago and Boston, as well as top Canadian market Toronto. Fact: Top U.S. Passenger Gateways: #1 NY (#4 Newark); #2 Miami (#13 Ft. Lauderdale); #3 LA; #5 Chicago; #6 Atlanta; #7 San Francisco; #8 Houston; #10 Dallas/FW; #12 Boston; #16 Seattle; #19 Las Vegas. So please, someone tell me where is the 7th city?
  2. U2 shop (fanfare) and Amazon are both out of stock of the vinyl. Amoeba still lists it as "preorder". It's showing up on Target.com as "in stock". I'm heading out to the local, independent record stores to track it down today.
  3. This interview may have been slightly pegged down by the other promo activities, but it's GOOD. Worth a listen on the replay. Lauren got Bono & The Edge talking about Songs of Experience, and Bono has a great narrative about how the albums (and their protagonists) relate to each other, as well as another mention of forthcoming song "The Morning After Innocence". Bono reveals a lyric from the song, expanding on the discussion he had with Dorian Lynskey in The Guardian (The Observer, Sat. 11 October). Could this new song be the one fka "Lead Me In The Way I Should Go", a merge, a reconstruct? "Lead my in the way I should go; I'm running out of chances to blow; that's what you told me and you should know; Lead me in the way I should be; Unravel the mystery of the heart and it's defense; The morning after innocence." Also, just days after U2 caught hell from Iggy Pop, Bono speaks of him in graceful terms - "Incredible", "amazing lyricist". Bono then opens up about the new tour, telling Lauren about the protagonists. "So they talk to each other, and we want to do that with the shows as well...", and likened to Quadrophenia, "...the older guy could just walk into frame. That's interesting." Replay: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p028s902
  4. I became a Christian at age 11, and have learned through trial and tribulation that the church is seriously flawed. I realize now that so much teaching is misplaced. I mean, more time is spent telling people what to do with their lives and how they must live. So as I grew up, I too began to focus on behavior and guilt more than the importance of evangelism and acceptance. But as Alma and Spicy pointed out, many church leaders and Christians have mistreated, rejected and excluded people because of their nature. I want to see the church have a change of heart that involves understanding. Now, we have a battle - Extreme left against extreme right, and neither side is willing to let their guard down. Even if someone has a conviction that protects against a personal compromise, it doesn't justify mobilization, abuse, and attack against someone who is different than them.
  5. Recently Dan Haseltine, lead singer of Jars of Clay, and his bandmates found themselves under attack for comments Dan made on same sex marriage. The surprise to many is the attack is from Christians who disapproved of Dan's supporting position. I can't think of a better thing to do than support Jars of Clay during this time of turmoil, and support the effort to have meaningful dialogue about gay marriage. His original comments on twitter were quickly dispersed by conservative Christian media, who have made every effort to target the band. I am still naive to the reality that extreme minded people are fearful of discussion, questions, and challenge. We need to talk, friends. Dan has made a good effort to keep the conversation heading in a positive direction at danhaseltine.com. Meanwhile, in some quarters of facebook Jars of Clay is under attack. And on twitter, some are publicly divorcing themselves from Jars of Clay. Jars of Clay has been experiencing a great season since current album Inland was released at the end of last August. Inland, a fantastic offering, has been critically acclaimed, and their wide-spread shows have been quite strong & memorable. Their charity Blood:Water Mission, a ONE partner, continues to lead efforts to provide clean water to Africans, and just announced fund raising in their current campaign ( I'm amazed that a band the "Christian" audience largely cast aside for newer, younger and less complex acts, are now immediately worthy of (negative) attention from those same people. No doubt Jars has greatly benefited over the years from their label as a Christian band, but I firmly believe they have not coveted that label nor exploited it. Their future will be determined by how things unfold in the upcoming days and weeks, and I have hope that brand new doors will begin to open for Matt, Charlie, Stephen and Dan. U2 and the U2 Community: Stand with Jars of Clay and Dan Haseltine.
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