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  1. Booked an appointment today to get my first shot of the covid vaccine next Wednesday. Been waiting so long.
  2. Me and my band filmed a music video! Here's a behind the scenes shot:
  3. I liked it! Feels like the shot of optimism that we all need right now.
  4. Finally resubbed about half an hour ago after a year of not being paid up. Got my three downloads, these performances are amazing! Can't wait to receive the full thing.
  5. This is the long list I've got lined up for the next year. Elbow at the Brighton Centre, 18 September with the family. Was meant to be in April last year for my brother's birthday but we all know what happened. Biffy Clyro at the Forum, London, 2 November. Was meant to be last month but got delayed given the timetable for restrictions being lifted. Kid Kapichi at Patterns, Brighton, 13 November. 5 days before my birthday! Was meant to be in March last year, then got rescheduled to March just gone, but again, pushed back by the timetable. Last week I bagged tickets for Royal Bloo
  6. 46665 - Nabbed a ticket for me and my brother to see Royal Blood at the O2 next year. God I'm so excited for live music to come back.
  7. 46,663 - May the 4th be with you, Beck! Ooh look, there's a 66 in the number I just put...speaking of which, watched The Bad Batch premiere on Disney+ this morning. That was, in the words of a very important returning character, quite an impressive display.
  8. It's not necessarily even a case of people not caring about quality and collecting things, it's just that no-one can afford it these days because the ratrace has left everyone so poor. When I was a kid I had enough pocket money to quite happily stroll into HMV and get a CD or DVD at a bargain price. Now I'm an adult working 30-40 hours a week getting paid minimum wage, and almost all of those paychecks go on rent, bills, council tax, food, etc. For the financial straits that a lot of people (particularly young people) are in these days, streaming services are just easier find the budget
  9. 46650 - I hope so too! I wasn't even needed at work yesterday or today so I'm just staying home. It's not even nervousness about going out, because people are heading to pubs and bars with outdoor seating no problemo. If anything it's more to do with how remote my workplace is compared to everywhere else in town. Good thing I've still got flexible furlough to tide me over.
  10. 46648 - Went back to work yesterday, was super quiet and I only actually served 2 tables in the space of 3 hours.
  11. Tonight was a full journey, like a long car ride. I'm glad it ended in a place of love & joy. Now more than ever, I want to be at a U2 show. The Virtual Road has been so much fun to be part of, and it's been great hanging with you all again!
  12. Eagles of Death Metal come up. This is, without a doubt, one of the kindest things I've ever seen one band do for another band.
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