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  1. In Brighton there are two big vaccination sites. Once they're all up and running there's potential for the possibility of having the entire city vaccinated within 3 months but obviously that's hopeful. IMO they should run a 24/7 drive-thru type system.
  2. I reckon we'll get the TJT30 feature that Corbijn filmed. Also, while an Achung/Zoo TV 30th tour would be cool (working on the basis that full-capacity live music and large-scale touring are back up and running next year), I'm at the point where I'm just about ready for a new album.
  3. RIP David Prowse, original body actor for Darth Vader. Thank you helping to create one of the greatest sci-fi villains of all time.
  4. Listened through the whole thing on Apple Music yesterday. Have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed by the collection as a whole. Although it's nice being reminded of how good an album it is, and how good the b-sides, rarities and live cuts included are, the thing is I feel like I've already heard the vast majority of this stuff before (apart from Stateless). For comparison, Linkin Park released a very similar 20th anniversary box for Hybrid Theory, and it's a huge treasure trove - the original album, the remix album (Reanimation), and a whole bunch of rarities, demos, remixes and live cuts that hav
  5. 45571 - Been a while since this thread was updated! Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo announced here in the UK, running for the whole of November. Welp, there goes my birthday! Better petition Whoever Is In Charge Of All This to let me stay 24 for another year.
  6. Happy birthday Larry! Or Lazmundo as Zane Lowe knows him
  7. 45568 - Ooh, forum's had a bit of a facelift! Looks good.
  8. It's BBC Radio 2, they're not exactly what you'd call a metal-centric station; hence why Back In Black and Appetite for Destruction are pretty much the only two in there.
  9. Happy U2versary! Thank you for changing our lives, boys!
  10. 45555 - Ooh, four fives. A thought's just occurred to me - Zooropa is the only U2 album with cover art that isn't a photo! How strange is that?
  11. Last night I watched Biffy Clyro do a livestreamed online gig to launch their new album A Celebration of Endings. They played at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, with no audience in the building, instead you bought a 'ticket' for £14 which would allow you to view the livestream on YouTube. In the area where there'd normally be an audience they instead had loads of different performance areas where they moved between throughout the set, along with a section that seated an orchestra. One of the most inspiring things I've ever seen, and apart from anything else, it makes me really miss live music.
  12. Happy belated birthday Mr The Edge!
  13. 45527 - Went on a 4-hour walk this morning. My legs are lead.
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