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  1. Happy belated birthday Mr The Edge!
  2. 45527 - Went on a 4-hour walk this morning. My legs are lead.
  3. I baked some brownies today! Not exactly banana bread but finally catching up with everyone else's quarantine activities.
  4. 45512 - Baked some brownies today! Finally catching up with everyone else's quarantine activities.
  5. To be honest, given that this year has been so...unexpected, it wouldn't completely blow my mind if we ended up hearing this or even just one or two songs that were intended for it. Maybe there are some Ascent demos lying around? Could do with some more lockdown listening... That said, I think given that Songs of Innocence/Experience were marketed as a two-part era, I think this'll be a separate musical entity.
  6. 45509 Happy belated birthday @padawanbeck84!
  7. 45495 - That's what happens when you have a prime minister as inept and callous as Boris Johnson. He missed 5 emergency meetings in January, February and March, and wanted to go the opposite way of all the other countries in lockdown and pursue a strategy of 'herd immunity' - the idea that if enough people in the UK get sick with the virus and pass it on, we'll all become immune. This is blatant nonsense as recovering from the virus doesn't make you immune, and would've resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. The only reason the lockdown happened is because of the public outcry, which is also the only reason anything positive's happened here. Now with the lockdown being eased despite us still being right in the thick of it, it would seem that our neighbours in Scotland, Wales & NI have a whole lot more common sense than the PM.
  8. 45493 - Spent the entire day mixing & creating MP3s from multitrack files of new songs, and creating structures and sheet music for them as well. Not the most fun part of being a musician, I have to say...
  9. 45491 - I work in a restaurant, and according to current government guidelines restaurants, pubs & bars could be open again as soon as 1 July, which would currently put us at halfway through lockdown. Halfway through lockdown, with what's just been confirmed as the second worst death toll in the world. Needless to say, I'm a bit worried.
  10. 45489 - Boris Johnson has announced Schrödinger's lockdown. Go out and go to work, but don't.
  11. 45484 - I haven't really delved into Rebels yet but Clone Wars is absolutely worth watching all the way through. Especially the later seasons.
  12. 45482 - Happy Star Wars day! Watched the finale of the Clone Wars in the wee early hours of the morning - so sad and so beautiful.
  13. 45481 - Meanwhile in America people are protesting *against* social distancing measures.
  14. 45472 - Two friends of mine, who also happen to be guitarist and drummer in the UK's leading all-female Ramones tribute band (The Ramonas), doing an instrumental of In A Little While. Who here remembers the link between The Ramones and this song?
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