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  1. It's the end of the tour as we know it...and I don't feel fine!
  2. It's like they could see us getting emotional on here and decided they wanted to make us laugh instead! ?
  3. Did Bono wait until the very last show of the tour to finally get a haircut? ? *Oh wait no...judging from the caption the photo is from before a different show. In all seriousness, I'm getting super emotional here in my room.
  4. I loved the preshow songs in London. Pretty sure they played half of Massive Attack's Blue Lines album, plus a bit of Radiohead and some other stuff which I can't remember but was still good!
  5. Realised it would be the third anniversary of the Bataclan attack today. Stay safe tonight, everyone.
  6. If there's one thing I'm incredibly grateful for in recent times, it's that Bono lived to give us these songs and these shows.
  7. I genuinely feel so glad that it was during this era I was able to start seeing their shows.
  8. 44230 - Feeling bittersweet tonight ahead of the final E&I show in Berlin.
  9. This is it, then...an entire 4-year era of the band's work coming to an end.
  10. They are indeed. That's part of why they changed the setlist so drastically, so that there wouldn't be too many similarities to the I&E DVD.
  11. Just watched the footage of Dirty Day...NOW I understand why everyone wants to see the band in Dublin. Can't believe there's only one more show to go...
  12. It feels strange that in 8 days' time we'll be coming to the end of this tour cycle, and, indeed, to the whole Innocence/Experience cycle of the last 4 years. I'm going to miss this era of the band's work; it's been a box of treats.
  13. Right, so Editors who were incredible. Night after that I went to a local gig and watched some singer songwriters; a fun night. Last night I saw The Ramonas (all-female Ramones tribute band that I also share a good friendship with) playing a small venue and they smashed it! Next gig will probably be tomorrow night - another night of singer songwriters.
  14. Physically I think three consecutive tours have taken their toll. If you look in this section you'll find a Sunday Times interview where Adam talks at length about what they need to do to cope with the schedule. These tours have been much shorter and I can see that trend continuing but I don't think it'll mean them visiting fewer places - The Joshua Tree tour covered North America, Europe, Mexico and South America in the space of 6 months. Maybe fewer cities, but not fewer countries. I don't think they're going to call it quits yet. If there's anything to be proven by Songs of Experience and Bono's near death experience, it's that they'll probably continue as long as they're all alive and physically capable of doing it.
  15. SOE definitely becomes an even more incredible album when played live.
  16. One from the E-stage, as the Showman makes a spectacle of it all going to your head...
  17. Stay live was something else entirely. Definitely got emotional.
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