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  1. My turn now! Currently listening to GOOYOW on loop!
  2. Really? Because from the footage I've seen it looks like they use it way more than they did previously.
  3. Oh right! In that case you're right, it's missing the Pride-GOOYOW-NYD-COBL segment.
  4. It never will be! If any one of us had list off every single U2 song we wanted to hear live we'd be here all night.
  5. I find it interesting that Manchester was so receptive to comments regarding Brexit; hoping London responds in the same way.
  6. Oh believe me I will! (For clarification: I won't be listening in because I'll actually be there!)
  7. That was pretty sublime. I'm afraid I won't be able to listen in to the next show in London, unfortunately. ?
  8. I'm actually surprised how receptive this audience is to Bono talking about Brexit. Hopefully London will be similar.
  9. Honestly this just makes me sad. I'm still gutted that we're leaving, and slightly scared considering the utter mess our "government" are making of the negotiations. I voted remain, and pretty much everyone else I know did the same; I just wish more people had been bothered to actually vote. Just after the vote I watched a video of Editors playing in Belgium and Tom Smith said "I'm sorry about our country...it's all a bit embarrassing at the moment."
  10. One of my favourite U2 videos actually is a video someone took two days before the Joshua Tree tour kicked off in Vancouver, recording outside the stadium while the band rehearsed. It was at that point that I noticed Adam's tone on New Year's Day had been ramped up a bit, and that got me really excited to finally hear that song played live. It hasn't let up since!
  11. Lord Adam's bass tone on NYD has been incredible for the last year and a bit.
  12. "The slaves are looking for someone lead them, the master's looking for someone to need him, the promised land is there for those who need it most, and Lincoln's ghost says..."
  13. Same! Maybe we'll bump into each other in the queue, like I did with PadawanBeck on I&E. ?
  14. I reckon Gone would fit really well at the end of the main set, where you say goodbye to your innocence and hello to the Superego...
  15. Not tonight. Plenty of Achtung Baby and a lil bit of Zooropa though!
  16. Pretty loud for a UK audience! I'm not gonna lie, crowds over here aren't always the best.
  17. "Guess who's back? Back again...MacPhisto's back! Tell your friends!" Gotta love a bit of an Eminem reference!
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