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  1. Ah. Well on in that case my vote goes to When I Look At the World. Was listening to All That You Can't Leave Behind before I tuned in tonight and forgot how much I love that song.
  2. Was going to say The Unforgettable Fire after that one performance in Copenhagen, but I've just remembered I didn't get to hear A Sort of Homecoming!
  3. On the last tour I think Exit was the holy grail that we didn't even realise was a grail!
  4. Ever since they posted the video on Instagram of them rehearsing it back in March it seems to almost have become the holy grail that all U2 fans seek to hear live!
  5. Said this before, but I love the new visuals on this - it's The Fly for the digital age!
  6. That was so smooth. Bono was running off European city names and said Berlin and then THAT intro!
  7. "We were background music for some shenanigans..." The way Bono said that currently has me chuckling away! ?
  8. Hearing that harmonic guitar intro Edge does on every live version of Beautiful, whenever I hear the studio version it feels weird not hearing it!
  9. Hearing this speech tonight is more rousing considering today's #PeoplesVote march in London.
  10. Just three more sleeps and I'll be hearing and seeing this intro in the flesh...
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