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  1. Hearing this speech tonight is more rousing considering today's #PeoplesVote march in London.
  2. Just three more sleeps and I'll be hearing and seeing this intro in the flesh...
  3. 44287 - I look forward to it! And I'm looking forward to listening in tonight. I couldn't listen in last night because I was in London seeing Marmozets - which was also utterly spellbinding!
  4. Okay, just saw the website, forget I asked. £25, not too bad...
  5. Hope everyone had a great show last night and do so again tonight. Did anyone catch a glimpse of t-shirt prices?
  6. 44281 - Five more sleeps to London. Have fun tomorrow night Padawan and Caz!
  7. Not gonna be able to tune in tomorrow as I'm in London for a different gig, but will try and tune in tomorrow night. Have fun all you Mancunians, travellers and Zootops! Also, hope MacPhisto comes out with some absolute zingers regarding Brexit and the Maybot.
  8. "No road without a turn, and if there was, the road would be too long..."
  9. If Acrobat is to E&I what Exit is to The Joshua Tree tour (Bono being taken over by a rampant maniac), then You're the Best Thing About Me is Mothers of the Disappeared (Bono regaining himself).
  10. "Who needs facts and figures when you just want to look like you can solve a problem?"
  11. Right, time to find out what old Hatty-Horn's got to say for the world this time round...
  12. And so I shall! "Free yourself to be yourself..."
  13. Pete will take things that Bono says/sings during the show and post them in quote marks in the thread!
  14. Looking forward to listening in tonight in the knowledge that London is only a week away!
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