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  1. 45098 - Got a new guitar amp today and gunned it hard. This thing is a beast!
  2. Glad to hear it! To us over in the UK he's like the American version of Jeremy Corbyn. If those two could get into office the "special relationship" between to the US & UK could actually be truly special.
  3. 45072 - Grim counting. Flying ants are everywhere. Boris Johnson just got elected as prime minister by 0.1% of the population. Today is not a good day.
  4. 45068 - Scar was a mixed bag. When the film got it right he was properly menacing, but when they got it wrong he was a bit...theatrical/over-dramatic, I thought? Beyonce was very good as Nala though.
  5. 45065 Counting after watching the new Lion King. It was...okay. Not a patch on the original though.
  6. 45060 - Counting after a productive rehearsal!
  7. 45037 - Getting The Joshua Tree feels again, two years on from Twickenham. Saw Toy Story 4 just now as well, great way to end a wonderful series of movies.
  8. 44972 - Best of luck to everyone attempting to buy Joshua Tree tour tickets today!
  9. 44971 - Exasperated counting as my country is once again rolling out the red carpet for Trump today. This is the one good thing about all these Brexit shenanigans - for just a little while, you forget who's in the White House across the pond.
  10. 44969 - Getting what I now call The Joshua Tree feels in the wake of the announcement. They're something I've been getting from time to time ever since the 2017 tour but I've only just managed to put a name to them!
  11. I've just realised - live threads are going to be a thing again! Let's see if time zones permit to tune into these ones...
  12. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are supporting on all shows. Good choice too, saw him at Twickenham on the 2017 Joshua Tree tour and also twice headlining in his own right!
  13. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds confirmed as support act.
  14. Guys...the tour page has been updated! https://www.u2.com/tour
  15. Oooh it's happening! Feeling excited for all the fans who are finally gonna get the boys in their neck of the woods!
  16. 44964 - I mean, with the croissant situation, those girls kinda deserved that, based on that quote it went a bit beyond just not bothering with the lingo! I work in food service and let's just say, if you're an unpleasant customer, you're gonna get some very passive-aggressive service...I saw a quote from Bono where he says "Don't p*** off the pizza guy. You're gonna depend on him!" Needless to say, next time I book a trip overseas I'm going to download Duolingo!
  17. 44959 - Had that exact language thing in Berlin. For some weird reason they can just tell you're not local. My dad would speak in German and whoever he was talking to responded in English! 😂
  18. 44957 - Tired counting after a busy weekend of working and songwriting. Looking forward to having tomorrow's bank holiday Monday off!
  19. 44951 - Just seen the new photos released from The Rise of Skywalker - looks amazing!
  20. 44950 - Still trying to grapple with just how bad the Game of Thrones finale was. I don't think I've ever been that annoyed by a movie or TV show before!
  21. Update! https://www.u2songs.com/news/the_joshua_tree_2017_live_from_mexico_city_film Obviously this is all rumour at the moment and we can't expect anything until it's announced here but ya know.
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