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  1. It's amazing what some powerful billionaires who don't want to lose their tax loopholes can achieve isn't it? (Yeah, that's partly what Brexit is all about) We've had a hat trick of dreadful prime ministers with Cameron and May previously and now Boris is by far the worst I've ever seen. I have hope that things will change soon, because he got absolutely roasted in the Commons the other day.
  2. Nice! Something similar happened yesterday here in Blighty when the Supreme Court ruled that the prime minister's proroguing of parliament was illegal!
  3. Tour designer: "So how big do you want this giant robot to be?" Muse: "Yes" Incredible show from the boys once again last night. Matt Bellamy said midway through the show that this night and the previous one were being filmed for a future release - which explained why a crane camera was flying back & forth right over my head! The songs from Simulation Theory also translated a lot better live than on record - Break It to Me in particular is growing. Also, Nothing But Thieves were spectacular as a support act and, as I've said here before, are absolutely worth your time if you love music.
  4. It's a genuine shame California didn't get played regularly on IE. It's one of the most upbeat tracks on Songs of Innocence and slotted in well in the second half when it did get played. 13...even now, almost 2 years after its release...still makes my eyes water. Also, yeah, nice to finally get an update on delivery!
  5. Added another one to the list today - Editors at Wembley Arena, 28 February! Their second-biggest UK headline show to date (biggest being at Birmingham Arena the night before).
  6. 45137 - Reflective counting as I listen to Songs of Innocence. Happy belated 5th anniversary!
  7. Having seen I&E and E&I as well as The Joshua Tree 2017, I'm hoping everyone going to these shows gets a healthy dose of both those albums.
  8. Now I've added Black Peaks to my list. They're local boys (Brighton) who've done insanely huge shows with bands like Mastodon, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, etc., and now they've announced an intimate show at Brighton Electric, which is Brighton's biggest recording/rehearsal studio on the 29th!
  9. In an unexpected turn of events I'm going to see Muse at the O2 London in two weeks! Told myself I wasn't going to see them on this touring cycle as I really don't like the new album, but then they went and announced Nothing But Thieves as a support - a cracking band with two amazing albums who deserve all your attention. Needless to say, I am easily swayed...
  10. 45131 - Just shaved my beard. Didn't realise how much fresh air half my face has been missing out on for the last year!
  11. New downloads everyone! Invisible and Red Flag Day. Invisible...man, that track was where Innocence & Experience began 5 years ago, and I still get the same chills as I did hearing it for the first time. Red Flag Day comes from 4 September 2018 in Cologne. IIRC, the first show after Bono lost his voice in Berlin. But here, he sounds great! Just a shame they didn't play it all that much on tour.
  12. 45127 Coincidentally it happened right the day after opposition parties came together to talk about how to stop no-deal Brexit. Tory Brexiteers want to "restore parliamentary sovereignty" (which we've actually had the whole time we've been in the EU) by stripping it away when it's needed most.
  13. 45119 - Horrific seeing the Amazon burning, I didn't even realise it had been on fire for 3 weeks until I saw it mentioned the other day.
  14. I wish, but it's a guitar amp through I shall use my riffs to power up the whole world!
  15. 45098 - Got a new guitar amp today and gunned it hard. This thing is a beast!
  16. Glad to hear it! To us over in the UK he's like the American version of Jeremy Corbyn. If those two could get into office the "special relationship" between to the US & UK could actually be truly special.
  17. The O2 London, 25/10/15. Stunning show.
  18. Ahhh, new tracks. The Miracle was the first ever U2 song I heard live in the flesh so it's always got a special place for me. Love Is All We Have Left is a track I was kind of sad not to hear live in its original form - it's mesmerising.
  19. 45072 - Grim counting. Flying ants are everywhere. Boris Johnson just got elected as prime minister by 0.1% of the population. Today is not a good day.
  20. Well speak of the Devil! So as I thought, it's just tracks from both of the albums. The sequence is nice as well, mostly representing the running order of the show but with strays here and there. Just a shame Lucifer's Hands didn't make it onto the Innocence disc. And yeah, loving those photos!
  21. 45068 - Scar was a mixed bag. When the film got it right he was properly menacing, but when they got it wrong he was a bit...theatrical/over-dramatic, I thought? Beyonce was very good as Nala though.
  22. 45065 Counting after watching the new Lion King. It was...okay. Not a patch on the original though.
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