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  1. Oh yeah, and I'm just gonna bring this back.
  2. Honestly, I feel like this album has been an essential piece of the puzzle that is the last year of my life. I'm still holding out hope that The Little Things comes back into the set on future tours!
  3. Happy 1st anniversary to an album that's already shot into my top 5 U2 albums.
  4. They did film a few Joshua Tree shows, but they were holding back on releasing the video until after E&I was done and dusted. I do believe the rumour I've heard (and I should emphasise that it's only a rumour) was that TJT could be out in spring. Dunno when the E&I release will be out.
  5. 44487 - Thinking of all retail employees currently trying to survive Black Friday. Obligatory reminder to be nice to the people in uniform when rushing to get your hands on that 0.01% discounted 40" TV.
  6. In a way I feel like all the last three tours have been essential to each other. Had the band not done the full Joshua Tree tour and kept it to just a few shows as originally planned, they wouldn't have made the decision to remove all trace of the album from the EI setlist, which would've ultimately made it a different show. That said I feel like The Joshua Tree tour became part of the whole story rather than just an intermission - it was a big moment in the band's history and stands, in my opinion, as a major plot piece on the road from innocence to experience and back. Ultimately I've come to the conclusion that the majority of voters are going for and gone with EI - but equally I have to acknowledge that without IE and TJT30, EI wouldn't have been the show it was.
  7. Anyone watched this video on the band's Instagram? I was having an okay day, then I watched it, and now I'm a mess.
  8. 44444 - I was having an alright day. Then I saw this video and now I'm a mess.
  9. From what the source says this tour wouldn't be part of the EI tour. That said I wouldn't be surprised if the setlist included a lot of Innocence/Joshua Tree/Experience material to give the Ozzies a taste of what they'd missed previously.
  10. Love this photo, my tour t-shirt has this photo on it!
  11. It's been almost 24 hours. The withdrawal symptoms have kicked in.
  12. I read that. There's a whole article detailing a few other bits which suggest the band might not be totally silent. https://www.u2songs.com/news/ready_for_whats_next
  13. And so it's over. At the far end of experience, we have recovered our innocence.
  14. Created a poll in the general thread asking what seems to be the question of questions: which tour from the last 4 years was your favourite?
  15. Felt the need to ask this question. I honestly can't bring myself to give an answer because I genuinely don't know.
  16. Setlist wise, the last four years have been a goldmine. We've had: -At least one song played from every album -The return of A Sort of Homecoming, Exit, Staring At the Sun, Wild Horses, etc. -The live debuts of Red Hill Mining Town and Acrobat -A song from Pop FINALLY making a return as a regular (even though it wasn't for the whole tour) -9 out of 11 Songs of Innocence -12 out of 13 Songs of Experience -The entirety of The Joshua Tree -3 quarters of Achtung Baby Never say they don't spoil us!
  17. I've gotta say, a massive thanks to you guys for being great company on this tour and indeed during the past 4 years of U2-related adventures. And of course, thank you to Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry for all the content they've given us over the last 4 years, and, on a personal level, for 4 mind-blowing shows. Gonna miss this stuff over the next few years, but can't wait to do it all again sooner or later.
  18. Tears in my eyes in London 2 weeks ago, tears in my eyes tonight.
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