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  1. It depends. If you are a little off to the side as in the above photos then it's a great place to be, but if you are dead centre behind the stage then you won't have any view of the screens and things aren't so good. There is a smaller screen hung to face the people in the seats behind the stage, but not everything is shown on it and the effect is nowhere near as good anyway. The view of the band on the e-stage is also not great from there, depending how high up you are.
  2. I wouldn't assume anything as far as stage layout is concerned. When the I&E tour went on sale the layout shown on all the ticket websites for all shows showed a centre round stage with catwalks extending to both ends of the arena. Much later on, when most of the tickets had been sold, the layout changed to what we eventually saw. My wife and I has tickets in the second-most expensive process tier which were for seats at one end of the O2, which turned out to be dead centre behind the stage with not even a hint of a view of the screens. We still enjoyed the show, but it was nowhere as good
  3. Just stop people signing up when a tour is announced until the presales are over would be fair, I would have thought.
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