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  1. Hmmm... I'm also in Canada and mine haven't appeared yet. Anyone else still with tickets to be delivered?
  2. Just got tix through Wires presale. They were $100 (P3) and Section 111, Row 15. I was also offered Section 122 at the same (P3 $100) range. So, I definitely messed up the above map. That said... never saw any actual priced seating map from the venue ... and got booted out of my other browser sessions once my purchase was complete. So, sadly ... not much more intelligent if available... so take the a posted map with a HUGE grain of salt.
  3. With all of that, here's an attempt to brutalize the data with Microsoft Paint... Same disclaimers from me as from abluerwhite: YMMV ... not official ... ... caveat emptor.
  4. Can probably make a good guess given the posted info above and their seating chart ... but would have been nice if they'd been able to provide it in one place. Thanks again for the intel, abluerwhite!
  5. Uh ... yeah, I guess I missed the important letter... <the shame/> ... Thanks for fixing, Max Good (and likely accurate) info on presale info here: http://www.u2.com/help
  6. If your code starts with "U2JTB" ... then you are in the "Wires" group and have to wait until tomorrow.
  7. Thanks ... assuming that info was only available once you were through the gate with a Red Hill presale code? I only have Wires ... should not have let membership lapse :-( and can't find that info available anywhere. Much appreciated!
  8. Not finding any info re. different price on a seating plan for Detroit show. Am I missing something?
  9. Just bought the GA's in latest drop. Was behind stage last night, which is where these tickets are too. I'll be honest ... you miss a lot. BUT ... it's U2 and you're getting the love I got from caven36 paid forward... Face value is $40 each. If you PM me here before 13h00 EDT, I'll send phone # for follow up. After that, I'm leaving Ottawa for Montreal and my be able to check quick via wifi after I arrive there.
  10. What do you mean by "rectified"? I was in 207, thought I'd be looking way across @ main stage, but was behind ... had no idea about "the screen" thing (went into blackout for fear of setlist spoilers). Don't get me wrong, loved the setlist last night ... and, yes, I bought the $40 tickets ... but figured it's be a smidge better than the experience we got.
  11. We do? Because the email they sent is totally different (ie. near the main stage). Which is it: near the "e" stage or the main stage? Consensus seems to be that it is by the main (i) stage. Anything showing it by e is either old and/or from a Chrome browser.
  12. It's a browser thing, not a link thing. On IE (that's the browser, not the tour), it shows the image on the left in pluck's original post (RZ labeled by the i Stage). On Chrome, it shows the images as I've been posting them. My Android phone & iPad don't show any images at all. Probably because the map is backed by Flash. Bottom line: I think we all know where the RZ is now.
  13. Not sure what "normal" is anymore :-) As of right now, they're selling "Red Zone 2" tickets near the i stage ... with RZ labelled down by e. Maybe different browsers / mobile vs. desktop sites / flash vs. non-flash? Who knows, really. It'll all be clear a week from today ... enjoy the show, folks!
  14. FWIW, the image seems to have changed again on evenko. RZ now showing down by e stage again.
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