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  1. Still watching a Periscope and I've been able to see people leaving during the past few songs...including some in the Red Zone...why????
  2. To this day, I still laugh at the change in Vertigo from "they twinkle" to "they sparkle as the boys play rock and roll." I always have to wonder if Bono thought twinkle sounded too much like tinkle...
  3. Did Bono call out someone named Emily during Running To Stand Still? And if yes, does anyone know who it is?
  4. I'm watching via Periscope and the sound quality is terrific! Bono's voice sounds particularly strong too! Just curious, does anyone know if the dome is open or closed there?
  5. Yea...I think she's going to every show on this tour. And she's been up on stage with them in the past. Good for her, though I do really wish Bono would be more spontaneous with who he brought up on stage...
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