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  1. I've stayed at many Travelodges, including the Waterloo one two or three times, and the Waterloo one is one of the best. I would happily stay there again and it's always on my list of hotel options when I need somewhere to stay in London.
  2. I believe they run a special service later after some events/concerts at the O2, and have a few boats running. However the boats aren't always the fast ones they use on their normal timetable, so you could end up on a very slow boat taking an age to get to central London (I speak as someone who once missed the last train home due to being on a slow boat which then stopped for a while at London Bridge pier because someone was ill - we were already probably going to miss the train, but the extra delay guaranteed it).
  3. If anyone still needs a hotel for 29th and 30th October, Travelodges have today become available for bookings with a check in date of 29th (I checked earlier in the week and found you can only book 325 days in advance). Prices are fairly decent at the moment, starting at £42 - £63 (non refundable rate) a night for the ones I checked. I've booked into one and will be cancelling my budget Ibis, as I didn't like the look of the walk from the DLR station to the Ibis for a lone woman.
  4. I just easily pulled up a standing single ticket to the O2 London on 25th October on AXS.com. Only got into the waiting room about 8.50. Ticketmaster are showing no GA available.I can't justify another show as going to two already so about to release the ticket.
  5. The trains will be 24hrs on Fri/sat from next September so luckily don't need to stay near the venue.Which ibis are you booked in? The London City airport one. I didn't realise that about the tube, but it's useful to know. I wasn't particularly looking for a hotel near the venue, just one near tube/DLR and convenient for the jubilee line, and this was the cheapest (excluding places too far way like Luton airport!). I would actually prefer to be in one of the Travelodges nearer to central London but they can't be booked yet, and I wanted to get something while still reasonably priced.
  6. Me! I'm going on my own so please say hi! Also going on my own! Just booked a hotel and nearly had heart failure at some of the prices - they appear to have been bumped up due to the concerts. Around £200 for a lot of the Premier Inns! So I am booked into a very budget Ibis for £56 a night.
  7. Thank you! From what others are saying it does seem the split is allowed and legitimate :-)
  8. Yes I managed to get 1 for both sunday and monday And I got one for Thursday and Friday. And it now says my code is invalid if I try to use it a third time, so it knows i have reached the limit
  9. Single tickets bought for 29th and 30th at the O2. I decided to go with what the FAQ said and risk a split. Just tried to put my code in a third time and am told it is invalid, so seems as long at both transactions are in the same vendor's website (so they know what you've bought) a split across two nights is doable.
  10. Me too! I feel a bit sick! I also still need to know whether I can split my code across two nights.... A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to TWO tickets across the tour. You can split this up across two shows or just use for a single show. I've seen that, but the FAQ earlier yesterday said this was for North America only. After it changed to the above the Zoo mods weren't sure whether this applied to all cities in Europe or just some.
  11. What page are you on? I am on the axs.com page for 30th October which says this: FAN CLUB PRESALE: EXPERIENCE GROUPBuy Fan Club presale tickets. Also available on this presale (then lists Red Zone Package info) Looks like this is for all types of regular ticket plus Red Zone. There is a coming soon button to the right which I assume will become a find tickets button at 10
  12. phone them. 02084633362 Thank you. They are currently engaged....
  13. Don't panic! It's not 10am in London yet.
  14. Me too! I feel a bit sick! I also still need to know whether I can split my code across two nights....
  15. I did consider buying two for one show then finding someone with two for the other night to swap with and go with, but I think I'd rather know that I was fully sorted by next Monday rather than having to find someone to do a swap with. As for the credit card entry, I've been to two concerts at the O2 where it was used and it worked fine, perhaps took a little longer than usual to get in as credit cards were being put into machines at the doors. It didn't completely stop touts as they just advertised that they would go into the venue with the purchaser - I guess if they made enough profit o
  16. I'm going alone so unfortunately don't have that option. I guess there is still time for clarification, failing that I hope it might be possible to get one ticket in the general sale. If I get GA in the presale for one night, I won't really mind what ticket I get for the other - just to be there would be fine!
  17. The FAQ about ticket limits changed at some point yesterday from the one with North America only in it, to one with no mention of any specific area. I guess I'll just hope someone confirms before 10. I'm worried that if I try to buy single tickets for two shows my code might let me but that they will both end up being cancelled because I broke the rules.
  18. Nope... only for the North America shows... Are we sure about that?
  19. Has there been any clarification overnight on whether we in Europe can use our codes to buy tickets for two shows? Or is it still a limit of two tickets for one show?
  20. It is what they use, I've bought a few tickets from it, quite expensive booking fees, but it's usually a pretty straightforward transaction. I haven't seen anything about paperless tickets for the O2 either, guess we'll find out in the morning.
  21. Bigwave posted this earlier, so basically we have no idea if we can split or not. I want to do the same with two of the London nights. I believe some European cities have their own rules which means for some shows you will be able to split 2 tickets over 2 nights, but some cities you will have to use the code for one show only. As to which cities allows what, thats not clear yet...
  22. I posted in the atu2 forum that I was annoyed by the very short notice for the presale, lots of people seemed to think I was complaining over nothing, but it's exactly this sort of situation I was concerned about - a lack of clarity over ticket limits, a need to make a decision about how many shows to try for, not very long to get clarity and make a decision, and a risk that you have to make a decision without having the answers.
  23. The limit for presale is 2, the limit for the general sale is 4. But if you try and buy a set in the presale and another set in the general sale with the same credit card, they cancel all your tickets without notice. Not sure if this is correct or not? I haven't seen anything that says what the total ticket limit including both presale and general sale. If the ultimate limit is 8 (i.e. after day 2 of the general sale, surely it makes sense for it to be 8 in total regardless of which sale you used to buy them? Also not sure how it would work if you bought tickets from different vendors e.g
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