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  1. Hi - just randomly, thought I'd take a look and saw that TM let me checkout w two Red Zone for San Jose 5/8. So, I hesitated...then I bought them. There might be more out there, or for different dates so check into it. Thanks, Mary
  2. Anyone see the widget lately. Took my life in my hands and did a video while driving today. But, don't see the upload widget any longer :-(
  3. Hi, I've never been to Dublin to see U2. I have two Gold tickets for San Francisco, section C140, row 6 - want to trade for two Dublin.
  4. And , what's really annoying is that you see there are open tickets in lower sections, I have a code....what the hell is the problem?
  5. I got nada. Nothing. I'm not dumb, I have a United States Patent to my credit. I can't figure out how to work with the Ticketmaster interface to use my very much paid for $50 subscription code. Maybe I need to have a 15 year old teenager? WTH.
  6. You need to go to the U2.com page and link to tickets from there. Once you get there, tell me if it works for you. I'm in US. My passcode did not work.
  7. Let us confirm if it can be used or not... ETA: The 2015 code... does it appear on your profile page? While we are checking, I think that if the code is not currently on your account profile page or your Tours page, then it is probably not usable. Hi - thanks. I did not happen to notice if it showed up before I bought this year's subscription. If I can't use previous one , really sad -- I was holding on to it thinking there would be another leg for Latin America. I still have the email and the code.
  8. Would be great to have a moderator answer this question. I just emailed "contact help" as i did not use my presale code from 2015 tour. Still have it. Want to know if I can use it for this, I did let my membership lapse but I think I should still be able to use the code if I never have yet.
  9. Hi. I'm tempted. I haven't been on the forums page in a while, is there a forum page where fans who can't make it would be selling their tickets ? Thanks!
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