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  1. Just did as you suggested and it immediately "unlocked" and took my code for Auckland 2. Didn't need a ticket but that's good info to know for others in the same boat. Thanks, Big Wave!
  2. Got it Thanks exactly what happened. Good to know. Thanks so much!
  3. Oh, and to answer your question, I got that message on the Sydney 2 show after I had purchased my 3rd ticket using my code. I thought about getting one more but got that message. I don't need it so it's OK now.
  4. Correct. I used the code for the Red Hill Sydney 1, Adelaide and Sydney 2 shows. Only 3 tickets purchased on one code so I should have a 4th available to me. I used the pre-sale link on U2.com for each one. Honestly, I was asking more to help others out in case it happens to them. I'm definitely not in need for a fourth ticket so it's OK.
  5. Quick question for the Mods. I bought one Red Zone for Sydney #1, one Red Zone for Sydney #2 and one GA for Adelaide. - 3 tickets total on my pre-sale code. I'm not looking to purchase any more tickets but shouldn't I have one left? I just went in to see if any more Red Zone were available and it said "entitlements exhausted" as if I had used all four. Just thought this was odd. As I mentioned, I don't need another ticket but if this happens to others that would be a real bummer if they, like me, had only purchased 3 tickets. Thanks!
  6. Just got my second Red Zone for Sydney #2! Coming from Los Angeles and beyond excited for my first trip down under. :-) Good luck to everyone!
  7. Do you think there’s any worry the Sydney show won’t sell out and therefore all the talk of a second show for Sydney may not actually happen?
  8. I bought Sydney Red Zone yesterday within one minute of them going on sale. Process was seamless and the price was 515 AUD or $361 USD.
  9. Anyone know if they will add a second Sydney show and if so, when it will be announced? I know there was a rumor they may add another. Thanks!
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