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  1. Why do you say this? Can you elaborate? Oh, and by the way, on the 360 tour RZ folks could go into regular GA if they wanted to. Let us know if that works out for you; would be good to know. Perhaps what you're saying is that only that one portion of the RZ is up against the main stage, and that that's "very small"? That is, that most RZ folks end up in the "L" part along the sides? Hi @TheeEdge ... so the Red Zones Flank the mainstage? not the e-stage. correct?
  2. SO to clarify, the Red Zones flank the main stage, not the "e-stage"...? Thanks...Shannon
  3. I got 2 tix for MSG as well for GA. Do you know how the admission will work with paperless. I got mine online and paperless was not an option in checkout, so I chose mailed tickets. Thanks...
  4. I am confused by this as well. I got GA tix for MSG in NYC and I did not see a paperless option when checking out. I chose mailed tickets for free. Is this okay? I hope I will not have a problem.
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