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    Singer/songwriter, motivational speaker, coach and trainer, storm chaser, writer, amateur photographer, belly dancer (and not because of "Mysterious Ways"!)
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    Unforgettable Fire
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    Bad. And Yahweh. And Stay (Faraway, So Close)
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    Rehearsal show in Hershey, PA, August 1992
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    Pittsburgh, October 22, 2005
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    Heart, for sure. Fleetwood Mac, Green Day
  1. I have been a member of U2.com for many, many years and used to be a member of Propaganda in the early-mid 90s. I am curious as to why "new subscribers" is next to my code. Not that it's a huge deal, but I just find that strange.
  2. Today was better. I bought a Gretsch Bono Irish Falcon for myself. This will mean a LOT of overtime...
  3. I survived. Purchasing the U2 concert ticket for Cleveland was of course the highlight. But the mentally defeating, life sucking things intruded. I attended a Goo Goo Dolls concert in November that set me on fire the way U2 did during Zoo TV. I "fell hard" for them, because their songs are about intense personal struggles and coming through them---with scars. Full of hope. I was on a "concert high" until last week. Then tragedy struck and today I hit a new bottom. But I am trying to keep my eyes on the show in Cleveland, and get some of my Dolls-inspired fight back
  4. My day with the traveling lab coat.
  5. Look what was in my mailbox when I got home from Colorado and Montana! Would have had someone take my photo with the album in front of a storm if I could
  6. Here I go, about to leave for the Hershey Half Marathon, the Grande Finale of all my training and fundraising for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
  7. Me wearing my medal from the Hershey Half Marathon (and looking a tad bit worn out), where I "Raced for The Edge"
  8. Here's a closer photo of my hard-earned medal
  9. This is the back of my Team in Training jersey, which I wore today in the Hershey Half Marathon. You'll probably never see this, Edge, but I did this to thank you for signing your autograph and taking the time to say hello to me back in May. For all the U2 fans who WILL see this, check out my blog and know from my experience today (and in May, of course) that things we consider impossible can happen.
  10. This has been a successful campaign to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Here is my shirt in its virginal state. I hope to share photos of a medal tomorrow then toast The Edge with a nice glass of wine tomorrow night!!
  11. Taken on mile 10 or 11 of the 2011 Chicago Half Marathon. I was a part of Team World Vision during this race. I also finished it with the victims and families of the 9/11 attacks in mind (that day was the 10th anniversary). It was a day of both remembrance and of victory.
  12. Philadelphia show, July 14, 2011
  13. This band is fantastic! I hope to see them give a show of their own someday, and I wish they'd get some airplay in the USA!
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