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  1. Hi Guys I rang 0018558675297 spoke to a guy called Brian. I told him my issue and he put me on hold to speak to a 'floor lead'. When he came back on he GAVE ME A NEW CODE Worked then!!!! Good luck everyone.
  2. I rang the U2 helpline (Which is in Orange County, so it probably cost me a fortune!!) and when i eventually got through the girl told me to refresh my browser. I had a little giggle and tried it, needless to say it didn't work. There's obviously a database of pre-sale codes that ticketmaster haven't linked to so it's not recognising them. Bono is such a champion of tech yet the people responsible can't even get this right!!
  3. My girlfriends code worked but she got an email last night with the details of the pre-sale. My code didn't work but i didn't receive an email regarding the pre-sale. Did any of the people who's code didn't work receive an email last night about the pre-sale? This is a huge balls up. Joe
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