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  1. I think you’re about due for checking in here!  It’s been over a year...

  2. Awesome, thank you! It's one of my favorites on the album. Tomorrow night, we shall see.
  3. U2, my brethren, my loves, I cannot believe you're leaving out Landlady & Red Flag Day! ? I'm seriously shocked by that decision. So, I'm headed to the Nashville show, flying from Miami. Please play these and don't remove any other 'Experience' songs to accommodate these. ? I'm so excited and can't wait to experience the 'Experience'. Thank you & love you all, longtime!
  4. I wish the band would at least disclose if they plan on coming to Miami, or not. It's extremely difficult to plan your next move when you haven't a clue if your city will be added to the tour stops. It's super frustrating to say the least. In the meantime, I shall wait nervously for any news. With love, always! V
  5. Red Zone tickets $352 Miami, FL I have two Red Zone tickets to see (sold out) U2 on Sunday June 11th @ Hard Rock Stadium. Face value $352. each. LMK if interested. MUST MEET UP @ WILL CALL. Expect to go early. Thanks! * There will be no price gauging for my fellow U2 fans.
  6. Beautiful!
  7. Joshua Tree Psychosis Majora 2017

  8. Thank you so much to my boys, U2, and to all their support staff including our Moderators on here! My experience was top notch this morning! I happily attend a lot of concerts and have come to despise TM, but this morning ROCKED for me. All systems worked from start to finish. My ode' to Ticketmaster, I was RUNNING TO STAND STILL in queue, while I STILL HAVEN"T FOUND WHAT I LOOKING FOR, and was careful not to TRIP THROUGH YOUR WIRES, cause admittedly I can't live WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, the American in me wanted to bust a BULLET THE BLUE SKY, but then suddenly, I was IN GOD"S COUNTRY and upon EXIT = 4 Red Zone Ticket / 2 Shows #blessed #haha #JoshuaTree30yrs #MiamiTampa QUOTE MULTIQUOTE DELETE EDIT REPORT
  9. Tampa Red Zone actually assigns you a row & seat number. I'm wondering if there will really be seating there. Miami's Red Zone has no seating.
  10. YES, I am so happy! Red Zone for two separate shows! It was super easy too guys! I am going to Miami & Tampa and you should know that RedZone in Tampa is ticketed with Rows & Seat numbers, but the Miami show is not. Do not use the "Buy On Map" option. I have never fared well using it. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Hi friends, I will be purchasing in the "Red Hill" group and was wondering what the "Fan Club VIP Access" is all about on Ticketmaster? They will be able to purchase on the first pre-sale day at the same time. Who are these "special" people and how can i be like them? Ha, ha, but seriously!? Also, i am purchasing 2 tix for one show and 2 tix for another using my pre-sale code. I'm assuming these will have to be two separate transactions, correct? Anyone in the know? BTW, those sites selling tickets already are ALL selling for profits, they are scalper sites. They are quite savvy at confusing the novice buyer. Here is one ... [LINK DELETED. PLEASE DO NOT POST RESELLER/AUCTION LINKS ON THE BOARD. THANKS] Thank you & Good Luck!
  12. Hi there! I was in RedZone1 (Northside - Adam's side) for Boston's 4th show. Ticketing will email you, I believe 2 days before, telling you where to line up and state they will let you in around 5:15pm. This is all true, they let you into the building at that time. They actually release RedZoners to the floor around 6:30 and everyone starts running (errr). The Redzoners were let in only seconds before the GA line, so you must decide in advance where you want to be. Redzoners have the option to go to the GA area and return as they wish, the E stage is a highly desired spot, as the band ventures down that way quite a bit. Bono is there a lot and that is where he chooses someone from the GA area to join them on stage. I pondered grabbing an E stage spot, but then I would have to hold strong if I needed to go to the restroom, etc.... The Redzone has the benefit of the private bar and a convenient bathroom location. If I were you, I would drink at the bar in the redzone and grab a spot wherever, providing you have someone who can hold your spot. There is no hard liqour at this bar, just beer and wine. Good news is, neither the Redzone nor GA were overcrowded. If you want to see the screens & the stage, the Redzone is best. If you're plastered up against any stage, you will not see the screens. I was very happy with my RedZone except I would have preferred the Edge's side, but it all worked out nicely and I got to enjoy all of the boys nonetheless. Hope this helps!
  13. and there it is, in black & white! Makes my blood BOIL!!! thanks for the post.
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