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  1. Houston Anyone section 106 Row 6

  2. I would just love if they set the stage like similar to the Zooropa tour, and have that giant lemon with Bono in it when it opens up....it seems so appropriate for this state of the world and this time in our life.
  3. if you all bought on Ticketmaster, you can sell your tickets thru the website. Enjoy the show,... I'll be sitting in section 106 4th row. Anyone know the seat numbers for rows and what numbers are aisle seats....
  4. The maps of ticket sales makes me think there is some sort of huge screen or across stage something or other due to tickets behind stage not showing up, unless those are being held for regular sales in Monday
  5. USD324 section 106 row d NRG Houston TX
  6. Arthur

    Ticket prices?

    Got seats today NRG Houston TX row d they were 324USD each
  7. So excited. Got my tickets for section 106 this morning. A Red Hill Gang member.
  8. anyone have 2 tickets to sell me the last night in NYC. I don't want to pay a shitload of money for tickets. close to face value if possible. thank you for reading my post.
  9. allow me to introduce "roxy" the sweetest dog in the world!!!
  10. allow me to introduce "roxy" the sweetest dog in the world!!!
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