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  1. ?Seems that way. I'll throw it out there to the world and TPTB that I'm just minutes away from the Apollo and can go on a moment's notice should an opening arise. (As is everyone reading this!)
  2. Any idea how much sound makes it ouside the Apollo, if any? Thinking about just heading up there and standing around in hopes that someone will take pity on me...
  3. And, apparently, SiriusXM had an employee lottery. Don't know how many tickets that was. At this point, I'm just so disheartened, but happy to see some reports of true fans winning tickets.
  4. Congrats!!! Was he listening in the car or through the app?
  5. Didn’t even get a response to the “super fan” ballot. Surely they’ll play loud enough to hear from a few blocks away!
  6. Procrastinator's delight! Selling 2 GA
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