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  1. [quote name='juanjito wrote: Bonohood']It seems U2.com believe that even if all long time fans were not to renew their subscriptions casual fans would make up for this lo$$ during the touring time. U2.com has taught me that the U$ 50 I used to spend on subscription means access to the pre-sale and nothing else. The gift is only for show because it’s either uninteresting or you'll just never receive it. My way to ¨protest¨ is by not renewing my subscription anymore. If that means I won't get tickets to see the band in the future, so be it. If you complain and pay, you're not helping any change to take place. Thanks to all who have been incessantly fighting for improvement on this site. Protesting by not renewing is the way to go, I did that a few years ago, and to be honest I haven`t missed anything. People should stop renewing, and they will see quick result. No tour in 2012, no need no renew membership (no presales code), we`ll see if the site management comes up with a creative package worth 50$.I stopped renewing 3 years ago when 3 months into my 1 year subscription I couldn't access the paid side of the site. After emailing the webmaster several times and calling the folks at fanfire a whole bunch I got nowhere. The last person I talked to basically told me there was nothing he could do about and I should just deal with it. So after 8 months of trying to get resolution I get an email telling me it's time to renew my subscription 2 days after my last phone call. I chuckled and deleted the email and never looked back. The moral of the story is if Live Nation and Fanfire couldn't give a shit about U2 fans, why should U2 fans line thier pockets? As far as I'm concerned screw the presale, if I get tickets in the future, great! If not that's ok too. I love U2 and I really love live U2, but I would rather miss out on a show/tour then do buisness with a scumbag outfit like the folks who run U2.com. Fot the record the Moderators on this site are not included on my hate list. When my account went horribly wrong they did what they could to help. For that they have my gratitude and best wishes. The coustomer service reps I delt with can however die in a fire for all I care. Well that's my story/2cents. Thanks for reading and I hope it helps someone make up thier mind, if not at least let you all know about the customer service you can expect for your $50. Edited for mass typos.
  2. U2 IS THE BIGGEST SELLOUT IN THE WORLD!!!!! They sellout every seat in every venue they play!
  3. Yes Claire and they can't seem to help either. Basically my experience with u2.com and fanfire, hand over $40 don't get what is paid for and on top of that get insulted by asking me to re subscribe. FUCK u2.com and fanfire fleecing this fan since 2009.
  4. [quote name='Julie&Bryan wrote: Dominic & Jill']Yeah, I lost access to the paid members forum in June when I paid my subscription renewal. Have phoned fanfire, sent about 20 emails still not fixed. I have now gone 8 months without access to the forum and I am cheesed off about it. I lost access to the paid member forums back in September after they did some technical work on the site. I lost all of the posts I made up till then and had to start over, as you can see. I've sent messages, made phone calls and the like and still can't access it. It's dispiriting, to say the least. I lost my access in september as well. I will not give this site another penny. Zero customer support and a general "I don't care" attitude from fanfire has soured me on the whole u2.com expierence. I still think u2 fans are the best in the world, it's a shame the u2.com website can't live up to being average.
  5. Health care in the US is excellent the system sucks.
  6. Here's an idea. Make the paid member forums accessable to ALL paid members! In other words fix the damn website!!
  7. How about fixing the message boards so everyone who paid can have access to the paid members forums!
  8. I would consider getting bashed by Glenn Beck a compliment. At least then you know you're right!
  9. sean


    Still not fixed. lol
  10. [quote name='ceallach67 wrote: mick james wrote: ceallach67 wrote: mick james wrote: ceallach67 wrote: mick james wrote: ceallach67 wrote: mick james wrote: ceallach67 wrote: mick james']THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING AN ADDICT AND HAVING A BIT OF SUMFIN-SUMFIN OCCASIONALLY. a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE. Dude... I like a little SUMFIN-SUMFIN occasionally myself. This just in: There's a bad batch of SUMFIN-SUMFIN going around. Don't eat the brown SUMFIN-SUMFIN. Disclaimer: the obscure quote above will be totally meaningless for those who have no idea about Woodstock) Shit. Giant bunny with three heads, I wish you'd told me that an hour ago. Sorry man. But hey, just think... years from now you can enjoy it all again in a flashback. At no cost. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Whoa... did you see them bats?? lol. Nothing like walking into a shop and having a song you heard at a rave 15 years ago make you feel nauseus in the jeans section. Hey Kel, I saw Les Claypool a couple of weeks back, and he played a bunch of Primus! Woot. Hahaha... now that's living man. You saw Les?? I'm so jealous. I missed him when he was here. Still kicking myself. Mate he hadn't played in Oz for a decade and the crowd was soooo up for it! He said "I don't normally play Primus, but since it's been so long you never know....." He then whipped out American Life, Southbound Phacdyderm, Fisticuffs, Riddles Are Abound Tonight, Too Many Puppies (!!!!!!!!!!!) and even dropped in a bit of Jerry Was A Racecar Driver!!!! And there was a nice big cloud of sumfin-sumfin floating out the door LMAO! Nothing like a little sumfin-sumfin contact high. Wow... he hasn't played Oz in over a decade? You guys deserved a show like that. Holy crap, what a set! What a show it must have been. How mad crazy was the bass solo (s)? You would have loved it! He actually apologized for leaving it so long, which was nice. It's weird as Primus were huge here and would come here all the time - and I know he loves to go fishing in Oz. It's amazing how effortless his style is. Trully dumbfounding - dude hardly moves his hands. He cracked out the Mr Krinkle head for a while, and I've waited a loooong time to see him play the Wham-ola! And his band were incredible. The dude playing vibraphone left so many jaws on the floor. Happy New Year Kel. Oh yeah, back on topic, drugs are bad, and I hear Bono's still a virgin. Les is da man! His backing band is incredible. I'm really happy to hear you were treated to a great show. Now if we can just get U2 to give you dates, huh? Bono is an honorary virgin due to the whole Sainthood thing. Yes, yes, drugs are bad. So is sex. Just say... maybe. Happy New Year, Mick!!Going for trippy quote tunnel. Please help!
  11. Wow Pete I'm sory to hear that. I work construction and got into it about 5 years before folks started wearing ear plugs. If you asked for them you were a sissy lol. I've had Tinnitus for the last 10 years and it does suck being in the pub and trying to read lips to follow a conversation or trying to sleep at night. I was also right in front for Chicago 1 sans hearing protection. I figured what the hell the damage is already done:) The good news my hearing doctor has told me that a surgery to correct Tinnitus is right around the corner 5-10 years away so there is still hope. To everyone else out there protect your hearing I'm 36 years old with about 30% hearing loss all because when I started my carreer I didn't want to be called a pussy. Good luck, God bless, and Happy New Year! Sean
  12. [quote name='Claire T wrote: sean wrote: Dominic & Jill wrote: aussiegirl']try this email.... orderhelp@fanfire.com or You can also call our toll-free order line at 1-800-615-1324 or International 916-414-2921 Hi aussiegirl, just tried the email you gave us so hopefully someone will eventually help (after 6 months), I rang one of the numbers fanfire gave us, not sure if it is one you mentioned but it was actually Live Nation who told me they do not look after the website. dominic Aparently no one looks after this website. They do but if you don't post on the forum saying that something is wrong how can they help you fix it :OP Wow I'm a little offended by that comment. If you actually bothered to read the entire thread you would have seen the link to my post that went on for quite some time. But if reading one line and sniping is how you get your jollys Claire, by all means enjoy yourself.
  13. [quote name='Dominic & Jill wrote: aussiegirl']try this email.... orderhelp@fanfire.com or You can also call our toll-free order line at 1-800-615-1324 or International 916-414-2921 Hi aussiegirl, just tried the email you gave us so hopefully someone will eventually help (after 6 months), I rang one of the numbers fanfire gave us, not sure if it is one you mentioned but it was actually Live Nation who told me they do not look after the website. dominic Aparently no one looks after this website.
  14. Good luck with the webmaster I've emailed them 20 or so times since sept. I've given up and will never renew my subscription again. As far as I'm concerned my $40 was a tax to get into the presale. Judgeing from the response I have gotten from fanfire and u2.com they obviously think so as well. I'm so happy I skipped the renewal for the 2010 presale. Screw me once shame on you screw me twice and I deserve everything I don't get lol. Here is my thread for your enjoyment http://community.u2.com/topic/11742
  15. I find that people opposed to a National health care system because they already have "good" insurance don't really get the point of it all. I'm sick of hearing "why should I have to pay for someone else?" The fact is you already do. If you are happy with the current state of the health care system in America chances are very good that you or a loved one have never been seriously ill. Insurance companys are great untill it comes time to use them. I live in the United States and the scariest plan I see is keeping the status quo. If you are worried about tax increases you're already paying them for your insurance. Every uncovered person who goes to the hospital is paid for by YOU in the form of higher premiums. Think about it someone has to pay to treat theese folks and last time I checked, an asprin doesn't cost you $20 at the store.
  16. My bad year was 2008. My brother died at 35 in late Feb. In late April my father was diagnosed with lung cancer anf died 3 weeks later. Come early November I lost my job and was in deep depression. The thing of it is I woke up one day In August of this year with a total feeling of peace about everything. I went from being totally devistated to completely ok with everything. I'm still unemployed with very little prospect of work for the next 4 months. I should be freaking out and worring about it but I've come to realize that there are some things that are out of my hands. Everything in life happens for a reason wheather you like it or not! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And finally every thing you loose makes you love what you have that much more. God bless you and your family and here's to hoping 2010 is a great year for all!
  17. I absolutely hated Boots untill I heard it live. Just like Vertigo (which I hated for months and thought it was the worst song on the album) it takes on a life of it's own when hearing them play it live.
  18. sean


    After another conversation with fanfire I give up. I'm not going to pay a $40 tax to get presale tickets. The funny thing is when I asked them if they read the forums on the website they charge for they told me no. I can't believe that the greatest band in the world who speak so passionately about thier fans could have a website with such complete shit customer support. I'm done trying to get this problem resolved. Fuck it's not worth anymore of my time. Once again to the folks who tried to help. The U2 fans are the best, it's such a shame this website blows. Sean
  19. Please don't keep feeding the trolls they will get bigger!
  20. I think the folks from Live Nation and the U2 prople better get thier heads out of thier asses. I was at the first Chicago show and there were people who showed up days in advance to claim thier spot at the head of the line. Those same people gave themselves the athority to give out wristbands and start a line. The simple fact that the official U2 GA policy states no camping and the venue will set the time the queue will form was lost on them. I arrived at the line at 6 am (the posted time) to find about 200 folks ahead of me. My thinking was ok I'm still gonna have a fucking blast hanging out with fellow fans. Instead the theme of the day was "I can't believe security won't honor "OUR" line." And of course about 500 folks walking up to the front of the line with thier numbered wristbands only to be told by security to get to the back of the queue. The thing that pisses me off is who the fuck do these people think they are??? Do they work for U2 or the stadium? NO! But they acted like they did! And in the end a whole bunch of folks who ran down to the stadium the night before to get thier numbered wristbands were disapointed because they believed them. I really believe that someone from Live nation or U2 should be available at the GA line. Furthermore I would be willing to pay a couple of extra dollars to have a numbered wristband system passed out early in the morning and have the line form at say 4pm. That way folks are not baking in the sun all day and have more energy for what's really important an awesome U2 show!! Not wasting energy bitching about "thier" line not being honored. Wow that's alot of text sorry but it is my 2 cents anyway.
  21. Snow Patrolll would be awesome again! To be honest anyone but Kings of Leon will do.
  22. "The rich get richer snd the sick stay poor." Where have I heard that before....
  23. sean


    I think they gave you my access lol. I'll be calling fanfire back and I will not be polite about my assessment of thier customer service.
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