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  1. I went to Justin Timberlake 2 weeks ago in San Jose and people did line up at 9am, but i don't know if there was a "lineup" offsite beforehand. I walked in at 8pm and was on the rail. It bums me out that we can't just adhere to venue rules and use that as the lineup time. Just because someone is free 2 days before a show and can facilitate check-ins 2x a day doesn't make it fair. We all are here to see and experience the same band, can't we make it a fair playing ground?
  2. Here's the GA Lineup policy at SAP. But i am sure fans will lineup away from the entrance before 9am somewhere else. That happened for IE Tour. Hopefully someone facilitating that will post info here. emily
  3. I was there in 2015. SAP wouldn't allow people to line up in front of the venue until 8am, but a group had formed next to the arena before 8am and they numbered people's hands and then proceeded to walk over to the venue at 7:55am. I didn't know there was an "off premises pre-lineup," so i got there for 8am. Pretty sure my number was under 100. I tried to attach the screenshot of the procedure set up for Justin Timberlake on 4/24-25, but the file is too large. It states lineup begins at 9am, wristbands will be given out at 9:15am. Once the GA ticketholder has their wristband, they may remain in line or leave the area, but must report back to their sequential place by 5pm. Perhaps a foreshadowing of what will be in place for U2 in May... emily
  4. i am in the Experience group, got the email saying i wasn't confirmed for the presale today. Submitted my info to the Mods and got a code, and a GA for San Jose. Thank you U2 gods!
  5. i have one! arriving to the stadium around 5:30ish...
  6. I have one GA available to sell at face value: $91.20. I plan on getting to the stadium by 5:30-6:00pm. Private message me if you're interested. emily
  7. "Oh, its getting very Bay Area in here" -Bono upon inhaling the arena's aroma.
  8. cool. thanks for the update. I'm not committed to 5 am. .so I'll just go at 8am.
  9. has the numbering begun? unofficial?
  10. The venue has posted the GA policy. Line up begins at 8am. http://www.sapcenter.com/events/detail/u2-innocence-experience-tour-2015
  11. emmypayne

    GA Line Up

    where will info be posted on where the GA lineup will be and who will give out numbers? emily
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