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  1. We were front row in Tampa on Friday and my 14 year old daughter held up her sketch of Bono and he took her whole sketch book and kept it! He even flipped through the pages on stage and went over to show Adam the pic she had drawn of him. He sang 3 lines of Until the End of the World to her (I kissed your lips and broke your heart) and they gave her the setlist at the end of the show! It was a life changing experience for her!!!
    WOW!  Now that is cool
  2. I went to DC and my sign said "It's My Birthday Bono-Can we Dance?" Well we did not dancve but he did see it and came over and sang a good part of a song right in front of me..........but even better in Raleigh I was front rail center and my sign said "BONO SMILE 4 ME!" Well.he smiled and then came on the edge of the stage and bent down and looked right at me.I have a picture of it! Made this lady a happy woman.

  3. Wow, first off I want to know how so many of you have had the chance to meet Bono?


    God, it would be a dream for me to actually meet him........not the 10 seconds for an autograph and a hello......but actually get maybe 5 uninterrupted minutes to actually talk. I think at first I would be a little shy and excited....I would thank him for inspiring so many people and then I would want to know (becuase I am a Mom)the challenges him and Alli have faced raising 4 kids...I can imagine they had some of the same struggles most parents go through but him being a rock star has to throw in an interesting mix.

  4. I have to agree..I decided to see Raleigh last minute and we were front rail in front of Bono..now that in itself made the show amazing but even without that factor last night was magical. The crowd was amazing and the guys could just feel our love.......they were feeding on it and it showed....by far BEST hands down BESt show I have ever been to.........thank you so much for a truly magical night

  5. So maybe I am a "bad" fan for not knowing this but where is Bono's wedding ring?  He had a ring on his right hand but not left...Adam and Larry were sporting theirs.......just curious if anyone knows.  Not that it matters...I mean you do not "have" to wear a wedding ring if you are married.....

  6. not sure if they will be back in LA but I talked to one of the crew yesterday and they said they are coming to the states around May 2010 for several weeks.......so maybe he was just pulling my leg or maybe he was speaking the truth, lets hope the truth


    sorry you have to pass on the show

  7. Ok so you know how Baja said she was crazy for going last minute to the NY show?


    Well I just decided to tonight I am going to Raleigh...I will be hooking up with a bunch of people here from the Zoo...........I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!  Just saw them in DC last night and I could not stand to wait until 2010 to see them again. 

  8. I agree with you completly...I got home at about 130am last night I was in GA line since 8AM stood in the pit for hours and the night before only had 2 hours of sleep.........I still did not get to bed until 3am.........was up at 730am today and feel NOT tired! I usually feel the U2 excitment after shows...being such big fans and then getting to see them, hear them play.....it is magical.....at keast for me it is....so I know exactly how you feel.

  9. Well I emalied the venue because I heard they were allowing GA to start lining up at 8am but parking lots not opening until 3pm...........


    well this is what they said...thought I would share:


    Our Gray parking lot, which is located just off of the immediate stadium

    property, will be opening at 8am, with the rest of the lots opening

    around 3pm.  Therefore, those wishing to begin lining up outside of Gate

    E around 8am can park in the Gray lot.


    The venue is still saying 3pm but I got 2 emails from ticketmaster that said 12 noon.  Bottom line if you are going early to Q up as a GAer then go to the gray lot, it will be open at 8am.  (All the lots there are color coded).  Hope this helps!  See you at the show!  I will be the one screaming my head off hopefully front row!tongue.gif

  10. OK so I was a paid subscriber until Aug 2010 and then when they came out with the info abo9ut more 2010 dates I renewed and am paid theu 2011...........under the tours section it says that my personal access cose has been used!  Well yes it was for dates in 2009 but I thought since I renewed I would have a new one by now.  No? 

    I did read the FAQ and checked other threads but can someone please clear this up for me?

    I will be VERY miffed if I do not get a new code for 2010 shows since I paid through 2011 already!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hi sean

    sorry you are still having issues, have copied this thread and will be forwarding to tech over the weekend and will get back to you should they require any further info from you



    Hey Big Wave...I am having similar issues...as you know I am having issues with profile piks and sometimes when I am on message boards and try to reply or start a new topic it takes me back to the home page.  I too have done all of the above and emailed tech support twice...I have not gotten any email back from them.  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have been listening into a lot of the live feeds they in the US have been coming on anywhere from 830-9 and playing a little over 2 hours. Hope that helps. I am going on Tuesday too!! SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I have "Fan Club" tickets. Does this get me into the inner circle if I arrive early enough?

    How early is early enough?

    Should I bring lawn chairs and sun screen? Can I bring lawn chairs in the stadium?


    So excited for my first U2 concert!

    There are no special lines for u2.com members like last year.  it is first come first serve......so I suggest getting there early..that is what I am doing but I have no idea where I am going to park since there are conflicting messages on when the parking lot will open.........maybe they actually do open at noon...but fed ex is telling people 3 so they hope to not have a bunch of people arrive at once.?  Whay can they not make it easier for us?
  14. depends on what you want.  Section 300 is higher than 100 but 300 would be a rear view.  You will be able to see the guys on the big 360 screen but they likely will not come to the back of the stage much to sing.


    section 100 would give a great view of the entire claw and the lights, etc.



    Have a great show!  I am going Fed Ex to but as GA.....hoping to get to the stage or at least the rail

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