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  1. Getting conflicting info...ticketmaster says parking lots open 12 noon.....fed ex says 3pm. Fed Ex is allowing line up 8am at Gate E..........curious....when are you getting there and where do you plan on parking?
  2. There are no special lines for u2.com members like last year. it is first come first serve......so I suggest getting there early..that is what I am doing but I have no idea where I am going to park since there are conflicting messages on when the parking lot will open.........maybe they actually do open at noon...but fed ex is telling people 3 so they hope to not have a bunch of people arrive at once.? Whay can they not make it easier for us?
  3. depends on what you want. Section 300 is higher than 100 but 300 would be a rear view. You will be able to see the guys on the big 360 screen but they likely will not come to the back of the stage much to sing. section 100 would give a great view of the entire claw and the lights, etc. http://www.ascticket.com/cooke.html Have a great show! I am going Fed Ex to but as GA.....hoping to get to the stage or at least the rail
  4. Could someone (maybe an admin) post something to clear up confusion about Fed Ex field on Tuesday 9/29 I got info direct from fed ex that said the parking lot will not open until 3pm and not allow line up until then and doors opening at 5. I can not imagine that they are waiting untiol 3pm to open the lots. A little help here?
  5. I hope so too I just renewed my subscription even though I was paid throough August 2010...now I am thru 2011.crazy a little but I will do anything to see these guys
  6. So what time did you get there and park? I am assuming they let people on when they get there. I'm planing on getting there by 7am at the latsest
  7. I emailed Fed Ex Field about parking etc and this is what they sent me: Parking IS included in the price of each ticket. The parking lots are onsite here at FedEx Field and you will be allowed to park in the closest spot available when you arrive. Parking lots will open at 3:00pm, gates will open at 5:30 pm and the concert starts at 7:00 pm. WTF? 3pm???!!! Baja, BigWave, anyone can we get confirmation on when we can park on grounds and start lining up for the 9/29 show??
  8. Please please please please do not drop Ultraviolet.....SO want to hear that!
  9. I am sure one of the good U2 fans on this site will let you crash their place. Heck if I was in NYC I would! Have fun!
  10. Just curious what people are thinking about the pit this tour. Did you like being up at the front rail? Was the back rail better? I know it is all about personal preference but just curious what some of the opinions are out there.
  11. Jen

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    I am so frustrated I have followed all the instructions to change avatar...and when I look at it in my profile it appears correct but still showing up blank on the boards. Any ideas? It is driving me batty!
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