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  1. Definitely consider yourself lucky! Nothing came up at all here. Just resale and platinum tickets
  2. I’d be willing to trade Boston GAs for Mohegan but it doesn’t sound like anyone got them lol
  3. Completely agree the platinum tickets prices are absolutely insane! I live about 40 minutes from this venue and would love to see U2 for the first time in my home Stte since 2005... not happening at these prices Im shocked they are playing Mohegan for one night only Seems like a big production to bring into this small of a venue for one night
  4. Not getting anything either. Mohegan is a tough venue to get seats at for any big name artist. Feel like they hold way too many tickets for high rollers at the casino
  5. Took about 5 minutes to pull up GA tickets in today’s presale but was successful. Thank you to the admin staff here for all your help in getting the presale issues resolved. Truly appreciate your time and dedication to helping the fans!
  6. I can speak regarding the JTT. I know for a fact that they did not offer tickets to season ticket holders of the New England Patriots. I spoke with a representative at Gillette Stadium and Live Nation did not allow an allotment to season ticket holders at the venue. I’m assuming it’s the same situation for this tour
  7. Same here for Boston. Got GA in general sale. Couldn’t get them for the fan presale. Made no sense at all
  8. Not me. I saw them on the 7th in Hartford on that tour. Definitely feel lucky that I was able get 2 GA yesterday. Couldn’t believe it when they came up. Hoping they add another date but there’s still tickets left. Definitely think the presale fiasco and ticket prices are turning people off this time around
  9. Amazingly I was able to score 2GA for Boston through today’s verified sale. Got shut out in the fan presale and the citi presale.
  10. I got the same email from Mrs Sandbox and haven’t opened it either. Seemed sketchy
  11. I can’t make any sense of this. I was shut out of the innocence presale and the Citibank presale. Was able to score 2 GA for Boston today in the general on sale
  12. No luck here either. No GA for eithe my innocence code or the Citi
  13. Got shut out of Boston also. No GA was available for the innocence group. Hoping for another try if they add additional dates. If not this will be the first tour I miss since unforgettable fire. Sad that fans have been shut out today this tour because of Ticketmaster taking over presales for the band
  14. Worst presales I’ve ever experienced. Refuse to pay $700 for my son and I to go to a show. All that was available for the innocence group in Boston were over priced VIP tickets.
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