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  1. The Unforgettable Fire is one of my favourite albums, would love to be there on Saturday but at the moment I am not sure that I can. It is great that the band are upgrading their videos and putting them on YouTube, hopefully this paves the way for some physical releases of upgraded concert videos in the future as well. If I can't make it, have fun on Saturday.
  2. Yes, I tend to agree with you, the box set has lovely packaging and I look forwards to the Anton Corbijn book. However like you I would really have liked a video, this could have been a upgraded HD version of the Boston concert or another concert on the tour we have not seen before. Like you I have the "Medium, Rare & Remastered" set, but I have not heard the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack and I quite like the remixes and have not heard the ones here so there are a few new things for me. Like you I also hold out hope that a deluxe HD live video boxset will arrive someday, still waiting fo
  3. Thank you dmway for co-ordinating this, I really enjoyed it. Thanks to all who joined in.
  4. Another great concert, just a shame they didn't release the whole thing, as I am sure they must have filmed it all.
  5. We will have to ask the Mods to let us have more reactions!!!
  6. Yes the light changes from light to dark, but Hamish Hamilton is directing this concert again as Chicago and I just think he nails it.
  7. We are all entitled to our own opinions. This is a great video but for me Chicago is my favourite of all U2's videos.
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