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    New Years Day
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    Zooropa at Wembley Stadium, London
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    Experience & Innocence at the O2, London
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    Innocence & Experience at the O2, London
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    All of them.
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  1. Just listened to Levitate (Lyric Version) on headphones with the volume right up. Sounds great and I have not seen that video version before.
  2. Happy Birthday Larry. To the man who started it all, where we we all be without him. Thank you for the pleasure you have given us.
  3. Hopefully you will get to see them live on the next tour. Until then we have the DVD's.
  4. That was great, thank you to Max and mich40 for hosting and everyone for being here to make it special. Stay safe everyone, until we meet again.
  5. Stay strong, it's tough out there.
  6. This is such a powerful version and yet as Max says what has changed in America?
  7. Yes and then into BAD how good is that!
  8. I love this concert, this is the only tour that I have missed since I first saw them with Zooropa.
  9. Yes very powerful, post 9/11 arguably even more so.
  10. I love Kite I wish they would play it more often.
  11. I don't have surround sound unfortunately, but what I am hearing sounds great.
  12. Hello to you in the land down under.
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