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  1. Thanks mich40 I didn't know about this until I read your post. Love these vinyl releases.
  2. Being a bit of a vinyl junky I love the Record Store Day and U2 has a long history of supporting this. With so much music being streamed now, independent record stores need help to survive. I guess it is nostalgia but I like looking through vinyl records in stores, it used to be a regular Saturday morning excursion when I was growing up and something I really looked forwards to. I still find it irresistible not to pop into a record shop whenever I see one.
  3. The Innocence Experience concert I went to at the O2 in London was the best U2 concert I have seen, simply because the sound quality was incredible.
  4. Incredibly well observed and described Canadanne. This is the most emotional performance from Bono I have seen, it feels raw, as I am sure it was so soon after Michael’s death. It’s hard not to be moved by this. The concert at Slane Castle after his father’s death was emotional too during “Kite” but here he is really struggling and you can see and feel it.
  5. It wasn't until I streamed it to my tv that I realised how sharp the visuals are on this version it didn't really come across on computer in the way that red rocks did. POP Mart Mexico City must have been an amazing experience for you Max the pulsing lighters from the crowd look incredible plus the noise from the crowd. That was one of the things I remember from Wembley Stadium, the crowd noise.
  6. I applaud you for being able to stay up and watch the show live. Years ago I could have, but I think age is taking it's toll on me now. Anyway I am about to to catch up with show now.
  7. Your right, I am afraid I don’t have the stamina anymore to stay up for these timings so will catch the show later. But I am enjoying reading all your comments, so really looking forwards to watching it, glad you all had a great time.
  8. Happy Birthday mich40 have a great day and concert to boot. No tornados or hurricanes tonight, apart from through your ears that is.
  9. Seriously, I also love the PoP album and the tour. At this point in time I am amazed by the bands ability to reinvent themselves. From the Joshua Tree to Achtung Baby to Pop, what a transformation for one band to go through. Also like dmway this was the first time I saw the band more than once on the same tour. Two nights at Wembley Stadium - wow party time.
  10. I must admit had the clowns clip been included in this recent re-mastering of U2 at Red Rocks I would have been surprised. I feel there is more to this than we know, and you could be right Max with your theory. But I agree with dmway that Electric Co. is spoilt by its abscence. Many years ago, and I am talking about pre u2.com and pre computers and google, I managed to aquire a vinyl copy of Under a Blood Red Sky unedited, so it included the offending Clowns content. I had tracked this down through record collector magazine and was intrigued enough at the time to contact Island Records to find out a bit more. I was a bit taken aback when the chap I was talking to thought I was lucky to have got my hands on a copy as they had been withdrawn from sale due to the controversy over Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics and legal action. So for years I was under the impression that I had something rather rare. Only to find out with the arrival of the internet that there are CD copies / laserdiscs and apparently video tapes out there with unedited content. So not as rare as I first thought and as Bigwave mentioned the concert and CD have come out in many formats over the years and as I have since found out also in different edits.
  11. Well it was too late for me to tune in to the live thread, so have just watched Red Rocks tonight. I was interested to read the comments at the start of this thread about low volume, I had headphones on with the volume right up and it sounded incredible and visually great as well, surprising how well they cleaned it up. I would really like to thank the technicians for remastering these concerts and for U2.com to put them out, I am getting a whole new appreciation for these concerts. Looking forwards to PopMart.
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