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    If forced to choose its Unforgettable Fire
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    Unforgettable Fire
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    Boston Garden 1987!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Charllotsville, VA Oct 2nd - to long ago
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    Tie Between Boston and Charlotsville
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    almost anything Celtic, Live, Damien Rice

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  1. I hate selfies so this goes to show how much I love U2!
  2. Im so confused I went into my account and did the setup process days ago but have heard neither a yay or nay other than I have a green box in there and my resale group says experience. Im tired i'm a single mom my daughter is counting on me and I don't feel a lot of love from a band i've been a fan of for over 30 yrs and who I can't really afford to see. How do I know what the heck is going on? Thank you

  3. I was able to save my tickets to passbook but if I go into ticketmaster I can't print my tickets because it says there is a delay, to say this is making me very jumpy is to put it mildly. I used my code just like I should, and let me tell you choosing between my fiancé and my daughter wasn't easy lol. should I assume I'm ok?
  4. I'm also curious how long it's not going to let me print my tickets? It's making me extremely anxious. I had already had to choose between my fiancé and my daughter which was hard. I only had one presale code so no double orders but it would be devastating to have to tell my daughter who is beyond excited that something happened. I like several others in here have been a fan for a long time and used be part of Propoganda as well. If we have paid our dues it seems like we should get first dibs and should be able to bring our families. I mean how cool is that that they have fans who are bringing
  5. Me too Jeff! Sent in my money got my amazing tickets boom done.
  6. Amazing job! Helped me not panic when I never received an email, I've said thank you on Twitter but will happily say it again - thanks!!
  7. I can't imagine Bono who has said in interviews that "Song for Someone" was for Ali saying that if he hadn't written it, and to say Chris Martin wrote it is insulting no offense to Coldplay fans but seriously.
  8. This is really hard! Unforgettable Fire is still my favorite I think, then Joshua Tree and Achtung baby. Songs is rapidly working it's way up my list. What about favorite songs??
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