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  1. Thanks, hopefully I can use the code in the U.S. It seems like nothing is easy anymore!
  2. I renewed last week before my membership expired next spring but after all the TM deadlines. My account page is not updated to reflect this. Are codes no longer included in a renew and you keep your membership up to date? I did the verification thing but afterwards as well. If anyone knows please advise. Thanks!
  3. Angela- I too am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain you feel. I hope you really enjoy the concert. I will be there too- grieving the loss of my best friend. God bless.
  4. Sometimes you don't know what you got till it's gone. I am getting older along with U2. His voice may be a bit seasoned but I still find it incredibly comforting, familiar and still Bono. Not sure if they are rerecording all the songs but if they are this is a gift a will treasure.
  5. Happy Birthday Adam! Your are a beautiful person inside and out. So glad you are still sharing your gifts with us. Have a great day.
  6. I was a senior in high school. I had no idea where I was headed-was in love preparing for college but didn't take school seriously. I was crazy about U2 - Unforgettable Fire was my first concert and still one of very favorite albums. I would have a lot of advice for the now me- a lot of regrets.
  7. I am pretty sure I am going alone to must of the Chicago shows. I have never done this before. I usually buy tickets for my sisters or others and they do with me but this time - not. U am planning on meeting fans I met on Twitter and fb other than that I am solo and a little nervous..
  8. Ilovebono

    u2 chicago

    A group of us are having a few meet ups in Chicago. There is a whole group on Facebook. I sent u a message but u never opened it. The first meet-up is at Pippins It is the Friday night after first 2 concerts. I can give u all kinds of info. Are you on Facebook? If so you should join our group. Through Deena Dietrich@OntheroadwithU2iE ChicagoMeetUp
  9. You guys have a lot to do! Very inspirational- I needed that I am feeling soo winter lazy.
  10. Wishing all of you Happiness and Health in 2015. May you all find yourselves one step closer to knowing~

  11. Christmas shopping today!! No snow in Chicago!

  12. Thank you and then do they leave again after sound check if they have one?? Thanks! Eileen
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