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  1. Thanks, hopefully I can use the code in the U.S. It seems like nothing is easy anymore!
  2. I renewed last week before my membership expired next spring but after all the TM deadlines. My account page is not updated to reflect this. Are codes no longer included in a renew and you keep your membership up to date? I did the verification thing but afterwards as well. If anyone knows please advise. Thanks!
  3. Angela- I too am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain you feel. I hope you really enjoy the concert. I will be there too- grieving the loss of my best friend. God bless.
  4. Sometimes you don't know what you got till it's gone. I am getting older along with U2. His voice may be a bit seasoned but I still find it incredibly comforting, familiar and still Bono. Not sure if they are rerecording all the songs but if they are this is a gift a will treasure.
  5. I was a senior in high school. I had no idea where I was headed-was in love preparing for college but didn't take school seriously. I was crazy about U2 - Unforgettable Fire was my first concert and still one of very favorite albums. I would have a lot of advice for the now me- a lot of regrets.
  6. Ilovebono

    u2 chicago

    A group of us are having a few meet ups in Chicago. There is a whole group on Facebook. I sent u a message but u never opened it. The first meet-up is at Pippins It is the Friday night after first 2 concerts. I can give u all kinds of info. Are you on Facebook? If so you should join our group. Through Deena Dietrich@OntheroadwithU2iE ChicagoMeetUp
  7. Wishing all of you Happiness and Health in 2015. May you all find yourselves one step closer to knowing~

  8. Christmas shopping today!! No snow in Chicago!

  9. Thank you and then do they leave again after sound check if they have one?? Thanks! Eileen
  10. I am so very happy today! I am going to all 4 shows in Chicago and I love my Tickets!!! Yeah Baby!!!

    1. msjedi



      Im going to only one with my boyfriend. Couldn't handle another $600 for more than one. We're going onJune 25th. Merry Xmas !

  11. I am confused about the sound check thing. How long before the concert is that done. I was aimlessly wandering around the outside of soldier field for one tour and could not figure where to go. I could hear music playing and it was during the day. do they leave the venue after sound check and come back? another time I waited with my with a group of fans and my sister at what seemed like the entrance-tons of black SUVs coming in and out. I seem to remember them just driving past right before showtime.
  12. Yes, I had a tour included with my VIP tickets for 360. We toured the stage after the opening act that was about it. We did not meet any band members. Our seats were in the 100 section but I was able to slip down into GA because I still had my red zone arm band from the night before.
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