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    The next one, or until then...NLOTH
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    2015Glasgow w/Davcal,Tam,Deanna,Zhiv and Maggie!!!
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    the one who gets us the blogs back... I guess that would be Zhivvy!! :)
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  1. Leeny13


    Awesome pics!! Thanks for posting!!
  2. Real fans hate The Fly! LOL
  3. And Gibbo is right! Go to Gaol. Go directly to Gaol. Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200. (Seriously, it is one of the most important places to see in Dublin.)
  4. Ah, but Dublin is the only city love.
  5. You must be heartbroken. I know I would be if I lost pics like that. I hope some how you get reunited with your pics and camera.
  6. And Spicy there are serious cyclists all over the place here. It's great to see them.
  7. I did the bridge today. Sunny and a bit breezy but not bad. Back in Dublin til Monday.
  8. An interesting thought came to me as I read this thread just now. I, too, tend to look up when searching for God (especially when instructed to bow my head and pray for God's blessing ). I don't know why I look up. It just feels right. Maybe it has to do with thinking of God as a higher power;One it is fitting to look up to. But when we listen to the heart of the gospel message, we get the teaching that God is with the poor and downtrodden; those generally seen as lower than ourselves. When Mother Theresa looked for God, she looked on the streets and in the gutters. Perhaps it doesn't matter so much where we look. It just matters that we look.
  9. 12195 Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in here. Hope you got to spend the best day ever with your wee one(s).
  10. Could We All Be Working On The Next Album? How much is that forthcoming album worth to you? We've all done our share of expressing our desires and frustrations in this long time of waiting, but is there something we could be doing to actually help the band along? . Are you willing to give up some of your free time for it? Take a risk with a crazy notion of mine? . Bono has said they are waiting for God to enter the room where/when they are working on the new songs. If the lads (at least 3 of the 4) are as spiritual as they have claimed to be in the past, I would guess that they have spent no little time praying for this to happen. I doubt they are just hanging out waiting to hear a knock on the door. But, believers, have YOU been praying for God's presence to be made known in that room? I, for one, believe that God is always there, but it does seem that lads are having a bit of a time detecting God's presence. And so, I wonder... what would happen if all of the believing U2 fans made a concerted effort to pray for divine inspiration to come to Bono and the band. Would it make a difference to the band, knowing that thousands of fans are praying for them? Would it change the outcome of the new CD? I can't prove that it will make a difference, but I think I'll start that prayer. Can't hurt. Will anyone join me?
  11. Even Willie Nelson is releasing a new album; mostly originals. This wait for the next U2 album is officially humiliating!
  12. I'd love to do a biking tour of Ireland spanning about 2 months time, but the roads are barely wide enough for two cars to pass, and most are lined with tall hedges that are trimmed by passing traffic. I know people DO cycle around Ireland, but I would be scared to death to try it.
  13. ELMARTO, I'll be on a bus trip to your corner of the isle next week. Watch for me, I'll be waving to you. I'll be crossing a big rope bridge. Am I crazy?
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