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  1. 12195 Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in here. Hope you got to spend the best day ever with your wee one(s).
  2. Could We All Be Working On The Next Album? How much is that forthcoming album worth to you? We've all done our share of expressing our desires and frustrations in this long time of waiting, but is there something we could be doing to actually help the band along? . Are you willing to give up some of your free time for it? Take a risk with a crazy notion of mine? . Bono has said they are waiting for God to enter the room where/when they are working on the new songs. If the lads (at least 3 of the 4) are as spiritual as they have claimed to be in the past, I would guess that they have spent no little time praying for this to happen. I doubt they are just hanging out waiting to hear a knock on the door. But, believers, have YOU been praying for God's presence to be made known in that room? I, for one, believe that God is always there, but it does seem that lads are having a bit of a time detecting God's presence. And so, I wonder... what would happen if all of the believing U2 fans made a concerted effort to pray for divine inspiration to come to Bono and the band. Would it make a difference to the band, knowing that thousands of fans are praying for them? Would it change the outcome of the new CD? I can't prove that it will make a difference, but I think I'll start that prayer. Can't hurt. Will anyone join me?
  3. hello you're back, nice to see you in!! Enjoy your trip, I heard the whole city being pulled down on Friday 13th, so you'd better hurry You're not scaring me. Friday the 13ths have always been extra lucky for me, so the only thing that might be getting torn down will be the walls currently holding me inside. BTW, I'm leaving on the 16th of June and arriving in Dublin at 9:05 the next morning (for real!!). You KNOW I'll be singing, "I can BREATHE now"!
  4. Now I am even more glad that I'll be there in two weeks. I can't imagine anything drastic will happen between now and then. At least I hope not! (6/3.9:32a)
  5. I love you Leeny!! Rock and roll!! Cycling is the very best way to be free....!! what does a mink look like? Saw 2 Herons myself the other day and one cute little possum with pink glow in the dark eyes!! Hey, did you ever get that century? I'm pretty sure it was a mink. I was small, low to the ground, and had fur that looked like a wet mink coat. It was very timid, and quickly ran back into the marshy field when it spotted me. AS for the century I did another metric, but am still working on the American. Long winter and now battling shingles. One of these days I WILL do it!!!
  6. I saw a mink and a blue heron on my bike ride today.
  7. What???? Davcal is ahead of me as likes leader??? I'd better get busy blogging!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. pain_18_


      Get Blogging !!!

    3. pain_18_


      I have more warning points than you !!1 Niah-Niaaaah !!!!

    4. streatsone


      hello , hello "all because of you , I am (here) " ........LETS FIRE THIS CRAP BACK UP ....ITS ABOUT TIME


  8. Happy in blogger heaven. Zhiv rules!!

    1. Zhivvy


      ha ha - i commented on your status and by mistake made it my status lol!


    2. shirley2010


      Unifier of the Universe xxx

  9. Feeling squeegeeish.

    1. pain_18_


      How is that ?


    2. pain_18_


      Hey, I love the mother and baby picture !!!

    3. Leeny13


      Thanks Pain. It's me and my son about 27 years ago.

  10. What's on my mind? Can't say.

  11. ;) Happy Thanksgiving y'all!
    1. Anjana


      And to you too. Enjoy your day:D

  12. I can't deal with ordinary love.

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    2. Anjana


      I'd be happy with the concept right now!

    3. pain_18_


      I can't deal with any kind of love !

    4. Leeny13


      The reality, Jim. I like the song, because it's tough.

  13. Gloria In te domine Gloria Exultate Gloria Gloria

  14. Feel like I'm fallin' I'm spinnin' on a wheel It always stops beside a name A presence I can feel. I believe in love. Stop!

    1. pain_18_


      Great Song !!!! The Best on the album, in my opinion !

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