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  1. The waiting game...

    1. Tracy M

      Tracy M

      Can someone tell me WHERE you figure out what group they have put you in? I am freaking out right now because I have been a member since before Vertigo, but my profile is saying "since February 2009" which is BS and I am worried they will put in the wrong group as a result. I see some people have noted whether they are Red Hill or Wires - my tours page shows my presale code but not which group!

    2. u2fanatic56


      On the main tour page it has my presale code but not group. When I go into "Account Info" it has my presale code in a box and right above it it says "Red Hill Group (Long Time Subscribers). So take a look there and see if it is the same for you.

  2. I am just throwing out ideas... You could tell TM you had to get a new credit card and put it on a gift card Visa? I'll pay for the GC and shipping etc. I'll even buy both... And sell the other one there. If you want to try that. -DD* Iam very trustworthy and I know a lot of U2 peeps
  3. Does anyone have a Vancouver2 GA for sale? I am a hardcore U2 fan -DD* mod edit - email removed, please use PM feature
  4. Hey family! I am looking to buy or trade a GA for night2. I have an extra nught1 GA if you want to trade. Or if you want to sell me an extra. I'll be in the GA line anyway. -DD* Adamgroupie
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