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  1. Much prefer the closeness and intimacy of the I&E and E&I shows over the JT stadium gigs. Personally, getting right by the e-stage in London 2 and Dublin 2 and the inclusion of Zoostation and Acrobat meant my vote goes to E&I.
  2. Six shows but never got to see / hear Landlady nor Red Flag Day. So, Lights of Home for me.
  3. On Tuesday I was told it was fine to go in entrance 3 even though the text I got at lunchtime said my ticket was for entrance 1. Either way, its possible to move around the back of the floor and choose which side you stand. Its worth noting for those that queued all day, that I arrived at the arena at 7.10pm, was inside with minimal queuing in 5 minutes. I initially stood about 25 feet from the barrier at the e-stage but when everyone stood up I was able to find a place about 5 feet from the barrier - perfect for all of the show in the cage and ideal for the e-stage.
  4. Excellent! Enjoy London. I'm off to Manchester 1 and 2 this weekend and can't wait! Then London 1 and 2 and finally Dublin 1 and 2. Its going to be a great three weeks.
  5. My GA London 2 tickets from TM have just arrived via Royal Mail Tracked 48.
  6. Yep, I'm waiting too. Have had London 1 tickets for ages but TM have only just started to despatch London 2.
  7. No signature required. I found it resting against my front door when I returned this afternoon. Good luck getting yours! Edited to add, of course, I received no email advising me that the gift was on its way - despite what has been said elsewhere.
  8. My "gift" has arrived today in the UK. Shipped 1st March, delivered 7th March via UPS and according to the customs label the country of origin of goods is Czech Republic. All looks very nice (well as much as I can see given that I'm keeping the discs sealed in the sellophane as I dont currently have a record player. Now where's my 2018 gift?
  9. Redeemed my 2017 gift in November but still not received it. Seen suggestions some went out in December, but they ran out of stock and next batch will be February. February 2018 that is! Guess we have no choice but to be patient. Any guess what the 2018 gift will be and when that will go out?
  10. No mention of why I've not been billed / received the t-shirt I ordered. There's nothing on the order form received with the boxset to say the t-shirt will follow and LN have made no mention of it in the two rather limited emails I had from them regarding the whereabouts of the boxset. Your guess is as good as mine whats happening - I doubt LN know!
  11. Now got my extra deluxe box set. No t-shirt but on checking I haven't been charged for that (yet). I've opened the box and managed to redeem the download although as mentioned above there are issues retrieving the artwork. All sealed up now and stored away in the packaging along with nearly 40 years of other U2 goodies. No more LN orders for me.
  12. Sounds to me like UK customers have been fleeced for shipping and they've used the cheapest and nastiest service to actually (eventually) deliver the orders. Tracking would only prove how much time our orders have been kicked around warehouses
  13. At last a glimmer of good news - the Royal Mail have called this afternoon and left a card indicating they have a parcel which is too big for the letterbox. It can be collected tomorrow. I've not ordered anything else of this size so it must be the extra deluxe boxset! We'll see.
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