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  1. for my Son on his 8th birthday I surprised him with GA tickets for Chicago for two nights. I think the kicker is how much of a fan is your kid, how patient they are, and how committed to the GA process. My son never whined in line, once in the arena never said he was tired, thirsty or had to go to the bathroom. I know I am biased, but I really think I have the coolest kid in the world! Good luck on getting to a show. here is a youtube of our Chicago adventure. Wow. What an awesome experience for you and your son! The youtube video documenting it is terrific! I bought our tickets
  2. I want to do the same. I got 4 GAs and got my husband a subscription today and hoping to get 2 GA's more.
  3. Thanks Matt! And Jon, the layout is the same as in vancouver etc etc.. there was a picture of the layout in the red zone email today.
  4. I got an email today, with the red zone info for the LA shows.. It said: in order to win a backstage tour you must arrive by 6:30pm. -subject to change. But it doesnt say much more than that! Wanted to know if anyone here got to go on this "tour"..
  5. Will do! Could you be more specific..? Which section you hadd.. ? Soi can see in the map.. I've been in and out of the ticketmaster page and still could not make up my mind!!
  6. Who's been to the backstage tour?? how are people selected? How many people? And is it worth losing your spot?
  7. Hi matt!! I have red zone tickets for one night in LA, but wanted to get seats for a second night. Were the upper level good?? Which section were you at?? Im not sure im going to enjoy the show way up there.. But there only seems to be either $280 tickets or $100..times two! Not understanding how 6th row lower level can be same price as 6th row upper level.. Only the ones way up or with limited view are $100- Can u tell me about wich section were u at and how was it?
  8. GloriaO


    Anyone know where does the band usually stay in LA?? 360 tour? Awards? .. Searched online with no luck!
  9. Oh I wasn't there Gloria, it's someone else's video, but I was so moved by the whole arrangement and performance, I'm sure I'll be in pieces at my gigs. I'd like to get seats for another too, I only have GA so far and would really like to experience both, but I think you definitely want 100 or 200 if you can get them, centre catwalk or nearer e-stage if you can afford it loved the video too. I got RZ tickets... not so excited about them anymore! Now deciding on whether I get seats or GA for another night! =) Is it safe to buy stub hub? or would you only buy the resales in ticket
  10. @theeedge So how did it go? Could you go to GA or couldnt get out of RZ?
  11. Amazing song, amazing performance. Where you seating at level 100 or 200? Planning on buying tickets for another night.. Thanks!
  12. Please want 2 tickets for the LA show of 5/26 or 5/31. Can be GA or anything good! Pleaseee anyone! mode edit : please use PM feature, email removed thx
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